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"XIN is an animated fantasy action drama, based in a fictional world where corruption and corporal punishment have taken over the education system. The series was created and developed by Max Mao and Steven Lim, with original music composed by Steven Lim, as well. The aim of this series was to create a compelling and entertaining story, with interesting characters, and some over the top action sequences.

It is a definite fact, that XIN would never have come this far without the support of the viewers and fans, as well as the revolution / phenomenon that is Newgrounds.com. The creators of XIN give eternal gratitude and reverence to all the staff and visitors at NG.

This is the first collaborated anime series by Max and Steven, and hopefully a doorway to many more to come. For more information about XIN, feel free to check out its official home at www.lifepoint1.com"
- creators of XIN