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Weird Al

The story of Weird Al and Newgrounds is one of my favorite stories in the history of NG. It all started when Al was introduced to Newgrounds by Simpsons creator Matt Groening, at a party. Al saw Daniel Rocha's Angry White Boy Polka video and was a fan, so he invited Daniel to hang out with him back stage at one of his concerts!

In the months that followed, Al approached several other Newgrounds artists, including Dave of Retarded Animal Babies fame, and contracted them to make videos for songs on his latest CD!

Dave later asked Al if he would be cool with a "Weird Al" collection on Newgrounds, to which Al responded, "tell Tom I'd be honored to have a whole Weird Al collections
page on Newgrounds - that'd be just swell." So here it is! Having grown up as a huge Weird Al fan, I couldn't be more pleased.

Special thanks to the Weird Al Club for maintaining a list of Weird Al submissions!