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TOFA 2011

The Tournament of Flash Artists!

TOFA 2011 began on April 25 with an Open Round inviting anyone to enter, with the theme being "Create a Game Show."

At the last minute, the Open Round became open to other themes, to help flesh out the brackets.

Round 1 began on May 15 and announced the competitor brackets. Artists were given 25 days to complete an animation with the theme "Lost & Found."

Unfinished entries were posted to Dumping Grounds for judging, including entries by Fungasm, MC-Booga, zRtC and Mark-er.

Round 2 began on June 13th, with the theme of "Wrongfully Accused." Contestants have 25 days to complete their entries.

An unfinished submission were posted to Dumping Grounds by Mark-er.

Round 3 began on July 11th, with the theme, "Divide By Zero."

The final round began on August 8th and ended September 1st, pitting Dave Bruno against Lazy Mode Comics in one last showdown with the theme, "A Clean Slate."