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The Negotiator

When your trigger finger gets too sore blowing up Bin Laden and Britney Spears, why not give it a brief rest and exercise your mind with these negotiation games! The Negotiator, The Mediator, Altered States, and Ambition are all created by Michael Gibson. Do you think you have what it takes to negotiate your way through a situation?

The Negotiator series puts you in a situation where you have to negotiate to get what you want.

In the Ambition series you assume the role of cop, confidant, forensic psychologist and police interrogator and must outwit an assortment of crazy lying and cheating characters to advance the story.

In the next series titled "The Mediator" you have to get in the middle and mediate an argument. So far there is only one episode available.

The Altered State series puts you into troubling situations, and you have to talk your way through them.

Some more fun: