Snakes on a Plane

I remember first hearing the name, and thinking it was the best movie title I had ever heard. Soon after, it became apparent that many people agreed... Maybe too many people. It was talked about so much that talking about it stopped feeling cool. Still, the movie was being directed by the guy who made Final Destination 2 (one of my biggest guilty pleasures) and starred Samuel L Jackson... It had to be good.

Time passed and that crappy Cobra Starship music video emerged on the net, resulting in a crisis of faith. Maybe they didn't get it after all... I mean, that music video was just god awful.

But then I got a personalized voicemail on my cellphone - it was Samuel L. Jackson himself telling me that Snakes on a Plane might just be the best movie I see this summer. I had to give them credit - that was a great way to plug the movie.

Opening day approached and we bought tickets to see the snakes. Here's a tip: If you buy senior discount tickets on-line, they don't actually check at the theatre.

We left the office early, hit Bahama Breeze and drank for a few hours hours prior to meandering over to the theatre. We were ready for some MOTHERFUCKING SNAKES.

The snakes came, a dude got bit on his dick and the audience cheered.

I had intentionally avoided getting Newgrounds too wrapped up in snake fever because it felt played out from the start, but in the tradition of cataloguing web fads such as All Your Base and Numa Numa, I've decided to finally give SOAP its dues.

Enjoy these Snakes on a Plane inspired Newgrounds submissions!