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If you don't know who Sloth is, go rent the 80's hit "The Goonies" and sit back and watch the adventure of several kids as they follow a treasure map to a pirate's hidden treasure! Along the way one of the kids, Chunk, becomes friends with the disformed man known as Sloth! Sloth helps Chunk save his friends from an evil gang of thieves, who just happen to be Sloth's mother and two brothers. Sloth doesn't talk very well because his family has kept him chained up in the basement. So Jeremy has taken his classic lines and sampled them into his hilarious movies!

We'll start with the original series, Sloth TV!

Sloth decided to jump on the All Your Base bandwagon, and release a parody of his own!

In the growing trend of Dress Up games, you can now create your own Sloth!

Here are some other great Sloth related games and movies by Jeremy Lokken!