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  • flash_495164_medium
    A Small Favor You're an alien assassin with some work to do!
  • flash_331326_medium
    Ackbar It's a series!
  • flash_511552_medium
    Alice is Dead It appears Alice is dead, and you might be the one who killed her.
  • flash_455659_medium
    Angry Dog Meet George, a small, angry, prejudiced dog.
  • flash_113243_medium
    Another Day An experiment with a Wacom pad that evolved into much more.
  • flash_260192_medium
    Apartment 51 Mythological creatures share a New Jersey apartment together. Hilarity ensues.
  • flash_217013_medium
    Aqua Life Crazy antics from under the sea!
  • flash_63227_medium
    Arfenhouse It's Arfenhouse, the movie!!!1
  • flash_38220_medium
    Arrogancy Characters evolve, relationships develop, and what you think to be true turns out in quite unexpected ways.
  • flash_300993_medium
    Ask Al Al Pigioni bestows his wisdom upon those who seek it.
  • flash_297383_medium
    Awesome These movies are awesome.
  • flash_370963_medium
    Awesome Video Games Totally awesome reviews of awesome video games!
  • flash_46400_medium
    B&W Drama Theater Check out this twisted and humorous series!
  • flash_274356_medium
    Bad Guys Hey! Bad guys coming!
  • flash_128258_medium
    Battle for the Portal The Newgrounds Portal is at war with itself!
  • flash_325111_medium
    Bbqbeefburgerman He's got a burger for a head and he lives in bbq-town.
  • flash_32566_medium
    Beebo Beebo is a cat with facial hair that smokes!
  • flash_316113_medium
    Blockhead Blockhead is just totally nuts!
  • flash_520604_medium
    Brackenwood The world of Bitey and company is full of magic and wonder!
  • flash_254901_medium
    Brink of Alienation Machine gun aliens to death in this frantic run and gun series!
  • flash_34406_medium
    Broken Saints The 12 hour graphic novel epic that resulted from three years of dedication.
  • flash_573683_medium
    Bunnykill Hardcore bunny killing action.
  • flash_179483_medium
    Burnt Face Man Crime is a shit that needs wiping up!
  • flash_217947_medium
    Captain Low-Rez Behold, it's Captain Low-Rez! 25 pixels of spacefaring courage!
  • flash_482442_medium
    Cat Face He's got the body of a cat and the face of a cat!
  • flash_225692_medium
    CCC City Everyday stories and adventures from CCC: The city of opportunities.
  • flash_224857_medium
    Claveman Born and raised by cauliflower, Claveman is totally random!
  • flash_372298_medium
    Clock Suckers A group of slackers stumble across a time machine...
  • flash_13718_medium
    College University Welcome to the College University series, created by Mike and Andy Parker!
  • flash_402690_medium
    Cuboy Meet Cuboy, he is the ultimate friend!
  • flash_95891_medium
    Dead Rain A horrible virus is unleashed, turning people into flesh eating zombies!
  • flash_20687_medium
    Deep Fried Live If you're looking for great recipes delivered by an Octopus, this is the cooking show for you!
  • flash_530616_medium
    Destructo Box Destructo Box!
  • flash_27634_medium
    DK Project Possibly long-lost relatives of Shotgun Man, these trenchcoat-clad teams have much better things to do than shoot their classmates.
  • flash_310721_medium
    Dr. Shroud Follow Dr. Shroud in these serials as he tries to find his missing daughter in the vampire-ridden city of Necropolis!
  • flash_372599_medium
    Duck Luck A quirky show that happens to include a duck.
  • flash_452241_medium
    Edible Castle Everyone wants a taste of this castle!
  • flash_180964_medium
    Ego City A kid named Johnny has to stop the destruction of his city.
  • flash_117056_medium
    Erik the Juiceman The story of a lazy kid and the people who live at his place. Sometimes stuff happens.
  • flash_12803_medium
    Eskimo Bob Eskimo Bob, he eats lots of fish!
  • flash_239720_medium
    FDA In the poopshoot!
  • flash_41623_medium
    Flash Fables These aren't your little kid's bed time stories! If they are, seek help!
  • flash_410132_medium
    Gamer Tonight Every episode features a different video game stereotype!
  • flash_190715_medium
    Ghost Motel The ghastly interactive story adventure series!
  • flash_290127_medium
    Greasy Moose The world of Greasy Moose is filled with all sorts of odd characters.
  • flash_195739_medium
    Hans Dick Marc M. of Sick Animation delivers a twisted series. Don't miss Karen!
  • flash_256853_medium
    High School Daze Inspired by true high school stories!
  • flash_496382_medium
    Hyperboy The trials and tribulations of a superhero kid and his evil twin.
  • flash_190465_medium
    I Love Egg This series of cartoons is undeniably cute and inventive!
  • flash_255_medium
    Idiots Anonymous We especially like the Boston accents.
  • flash_256402_medium
    IMP It's the International Moron Patrol!
  • flash_259581_medium
    Ingus Ingus, your new favorite redneck.
  • flash_279986_medium
    Jerry Jackson Jerry Jackson has made some Flash and would like to share it.
  • flash_28094_medium
    Jim the Cat Follow Jim and his friends on a series of crazy adventures! Just don't bother Jim while he's enjoying his reefer!
  • flash_510343_medium
    Jimtopia Welcome to the wonderful world of Jim!
  • flash_86462_medium
    John's Arm John, the world's only city morgue night watchman with a superhero for a right arm!
  • flash_7282_medium
    Keegan's Truck Follow Keegan as he runs over everyone in his path on a mad killing spree!
  • flash_118798_medium
    Kegel The creation of Jay Donaldson, Kegel gets into all sorts of trouble!
  • flash_17342_medium
    Kermit Kombat The series features the author, Rocky Pinnicle, fighting Kermit the Frog.
  • flash_383121_medium
    KR47 Based on everyday conversations between two friends.
  • flash_518162_medium
    Larry The Little Freakin' Knight!
  • flash_171751_medium
    Little Fighter Alpha Created with Little Fighter game sprites, this series is like a hardcore in-game cinema.
  • flash_532259_medium
    Madness Watching dudes beat the crap out of each other has never been so fun!
  • flash_7599_medium
    Marcus Peblo This very colorful and creative cartoon series by Eric Black can be enjoyed by the whole family.
  • flash_576608_medium
    Minecraft: TNA Minecraft N00BS go on hilarious adventures.
  • flash_437690_medium
    Minushi Feature length animated motion picture brimming with action and adventure!
  • flash_14740_medium
    Miracle Explosion Miracle Explosion is the story of a toaster.
  • flash_348118_medium
    Miss Dynamite Hot anime chicks in skimpy outfits... Brutal violence... And PS2! Heaven!
  • flash_68178_medium
    Mr. Boomba Mr. Boomba tries to impress the girl of his dreams, but always seems to find a way to humiliate himself!
  • flash_644170_medium
    MUNCH The wonderful misadventures of MUNCH.
  • flash_297680_medium
    Nameless It's Nameless!
  • flash_514150_medium
    Necropolis Blood, bullets and Hot Cheetos... Just another day in Necropolis.
  • flash_25657_medium
    Neo Bender The very popular Futurama / Matrix crossover series, with amazing 3D Flash!
  • flash_358106_medium
    Neurotically Yours The immensely popular series about Germaine and her squirrel Foamy!
  • flash_159125_medium
    Nuggets Strange little nugget people and their strange little adventures.
  • flash_225895_medium
    Oh My God The story of some guys and Lucifer!
  • flash_268290_medium
    On The Moon Anything can happen on the moon!
  • flash_261125_medium
    Over There Full length clay animation from Dustball and gel!
  • flash_416507_medium
    Paladin Jazza's epic sword and sorcery adventure!
  • flash_172844_medium
    Pencilmation The animated adventures of a small, pencil-drawn man.
  • flash_310349_medium
    Pico Saving your school from gun-toting goth kids is just the tip of this iceburg!
  • flash_136934_medium
    Poninjas Fans of the Madness series will enjoy watching these ninjas fight it out!
  • flash_557968_medium
    Press Start Oldschool gaming fanatics will love this series!
  • flash_415179_medium
    Primal War Giant beasts battle it out for supremecy!
  • flash_150762_medium
    Project DCK Follow the exploits of the DCK crew!
  • flash_339079_medium
    Rats on Cocaine Possibly the most evil cartoon series on the planet.
  • flash_4_medium
    Reading Rainbow Audio from the original show, twisted and contorted in evil ways!
  • flash_471838_medium
    Reemus Reemus has several journeys!
  • flash_94996_medium
    Retarded Animal Babies It's everyone's favorite foul mouthed, perveted, cartoon animals!
  • flash_239156_medium
    Rihm & Maurice Ren and Stimpy fans rejoice, this series takes it up a notch!
  • flash_151485_medium
    S.A.M.V. Socially Awkward Male Virgins!
  • flash_178546_medium
    Salad Fingers A strange cartoon about a creature who loves to touch rusty metal.
  • flash_380894_medium
    Sci-Fi Guys Hilarious antics in space!
  • flash_1_medium
    Scrotum the Puppy The first great series to showcase on Newgrounds. Still a favorite!
  • flash_223141_medium
    Shades of Grey An amnesiac man finds himself fighting to bring color to a B&W world.
  • flash_650037_medium
    Shaman's Quest Follow Tuk on his various adventures!
  • flash_279417_medium
    Shamoozal From Guitar Hero to Black Friday, Shamoozal's got it covered!
  • flash_338124_medium
    Sick Animation Marc M. has some of the most tasteless and brilliant cartoons I have ever seen.
  • flash_552524_medium
    Sketched Animated sketch and improv comedy from a group of L.A. comedians!
  • flash_250217_medium
    Skittles N Bitz Crazy comedy sketches featuring your favorite video game characters!
  • flash_384729_medium
    SkullHead Life isn't easy when you're a disembodied head without skin.
  • flash_58_medium
    Sloth Heeeey yooou guuuuys! Check out all these Sloth spoofs by Rainbow Animations!
  • flash_216239_medium
    Smash Answer strange trivia questions to survive the matches!
  • flash_21981_medium
    Soft Outer Crust A very raw look at the lives of several teenagers. Hilarious and extreme!
  • flash_43070_medium
    Squigo This poor character keeps killing himself!
  • flash_303816_medium
    Starwell Follow the life of Starwell the Starfish!
  • flash_256749_medium
    Strategy Guide Video game advice from everyone's favorite intergalactic space alien, Guido!
  • flash_98089_medium
    Sunday School Check out this under-appreciated gem of a show!
  • flash_322150_medium
    TANKMEN In the year of 20XX, the world has been destroyed. These guys are all that is left.
  • flash_399081_medium
    Thamesis Welcome to the city of Thamesis, capital to a kingdom divided....
  • flash_211862_medium
    The Badlands The dark, twisted brainchild of Edmund McMillen and Caulder Bradford.
  • flash_370543_medium
    The Fear Hole Three scientists, their janitor, and the creatures that emerge from their dimensional vortex.
  • flash_152718_medium
    The Grim Reaper Show Death finally gets his own show and a chance to speak his mind.
  • flash_263444_medium
    The Little Buzzers A cute cartoon, inspired by unadulterated rage and hatred.
  • flash_2875_medium
    The Lloyds A family of retards on a collision course with slapstick wackiness!
  • flash_479938_medium
    The Mike Weiss Saga The saga of Mike Weiss at college.
  • flash_318810_medium
    The Negotiator Exercise your mind with these challenging negotiation games!
  • flash_291322_medium
    The Ricky Ray Show The show about Ricky Ray!
  • flash_191891_medium
    Tomorrow's Nobodies Follow the lives of these wild teens as they do crazy things!
  • flash_319813_medium
    TooF It's like a party in your mouth!
  • flash_4869_medium
    Trapped Try to escape by finding keys, items and solving puzzles!
  • flash_375160_medium
    Unforgotten Realms These guys could be the biggest D&D dorks on the planet!
  • flash_543322_medium
    Wacky Game Jokez 4 Kidz Join Mickey the Dick on a show with lots of video game humor!
  • flash_189932_medium
    Waterman Forget what's on TV tonight; Waterman is on now!
  • flash_119283_medium
    weebl and bob It's the everyday happenings of weebl and sometimes weebl's friend bob!
  • flash_429510_medium
    WeRBopBop Have tea party and disco dance and sexy experiment!
  • flash_278372_medium
    Who Goes There? A security guard is trapped in a bunker, with a strange creature crawling around.
  • flash_76924_medium
    Wily Shorts Funny Mega Man parodies featuring Dr. Wily's robots!
  • flash_391069_medium
    Woogi World Fun games for kids, based on the characters of Woogi World!
  • flash_212679_medium
    XIN Enter a world where corruption and corporal punishment have taken over the education system.
  • flash_234225_medium
    You are a Fucking Moron This series points out who is a fucking moron, and why!
  • flash_36677_medium
    Ytown Public Be sure not to miss all the wild adventures happening at this school!