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Scrotum the Puppy

Some of you may have noticed that Scrotum the Puppy 1-3 were the first three movies to the uploaded to The Portal. When we launched the automated Portal, the Scrotum series was the first to be migrated over because it was the best thing in the original Portal. Brian's cinematic effects were unheard of in Flash at the time, and have been copied many times since. Everyone must bow before Scrotum, the first great series to appear on Newgrounds!

Like any great idea, there are bound to be parodies and tributes. Here are some movies that were directly inspired by Scrotum!

We had the chance to ask Brian a few questions. Here are his answers!

NG: When you originally made the first Scrotum episode, did you intend to make more of them?

Brian: The part with the chaingun in the first one was all I intended on doing. My roommate suggested that I should make an entire cartoon out of it. The original concept was more of a "watch bad things happen to cute stuff" type of movie.

NG: Did you expect the response you got?

Brian: No. I still don't understand it. Thank god for the use of hallucinogenics I suppose.

NG: Do you think you will ever, some day far away, continue the series?

Brian: I think it'd be nice to see someone else with more skill, evolve the series into something better. The bar has been really raised because of some of the new artists on NG and I'm afraid I can't reach it anymore. If any of those artists are interested in continuing the series I'd love to hear from em.

NG: Which episode is your favorite?

Brian: Number 3. Pimps should be in every comedic flash movie.

NG: Did you have any inspirations?

Brian: Prolly a lot of Matrix stuff in there but that wasn't what I was going for. It just kinda happened.

NG: If you had the chance to make a Scrotum feature-length film, would you?

Brian: Damn skippy I would!