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NG Time Trials

The NG Time Trial series consists of putting together a variety of NG artists of different skill levels and styles and having them work within a tight deadline of typically three days. It is not a competition but rather a challenge to the participants to get something done within a short time.

Time Trial 1

This is the most traditional of the challenges. Nine artists, three days. The artists are broken into groups to better accomodate submission.

Time Trial 2

The challenge for this episode was to create a story out of the opening statement, "You wake up from bed."

Time Trial 3

For this challenge the participants had to work within a select number of colors. Entries could only use shades of black and white, and red could only be used as a solid color.

Time Trial 4

For this challenge the participants had to work within a set title - "The Betrayal".

Time Trial 5

For this last time trial of the season, all the top performers of previous time trials were invited to give it one last go. Just to add something different, a wildcard participant was invited, someone who had never done a time trial before. The challenge was to create an animation using the supplied audio clip as a source of insipiration. To make it less repetitive, groups A and B are working with totally different sound clips.

Time Trial 6

The challenge for this trial involved making color tribute toons to the Madness series that has become a staple of NG entertainment. Five artists were selected from 20 entries.

Time Trial 7

The Challenge for this trial was to create a movie working with black as the movie background color. The task was to maintain the black background throughout the bulk of the movie. The best eight entries were selected and split into two groups.

Time Trial 8

To honor Easter Sunday, one group made a movie featuring the life of a rabbit, while another made a movie featuring the life of an egg.

Time Trial 9

The challenge was to make a short film depicting pirates and/or ninjas.

Time Trial 10

The end of another season, the best participants are brought back for a final trial. This challenge was to create a movie using the supplied Audio Portal submission.

Time Trial 11

This trial was dedicated to LiveCorpse, a NGTT regular who passed away. The goal was to create a movie using only vegetables and/or fruits as the main characters.

Time Trial 12

Participants were given a shape and required to construct a movie based on that initial shape. Entries were picked based on a creative solution to the problem and technical execution.

Time Trial 13

The challenge was simply to use yourself, the author as the main character of the movie. What exactly you thought you should look like in your movie was entirely up to you and these are the solutions people came up with.

And finally, the finale!