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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

List Jam

The theme for this jam was "List" and participants were invited choose two or more items from a list to include in their games.

This jam was the brainchild of the creators of O, who used their $50 Egg Jam prize to fund the jam prizes.

Kultisti's List:

-game has no visuals
-the entire game lasts for less than 30 seconds
-all text is randomly generated
-the game is one dimensional
-the game is four dimensional
-the game has only one sound effect
-the visuals are monochromic
-there is a secret game hidden inside the actual game
-you control the entire game with just one button (no mouse)
-all of the sound effects are written text (like in old silent films)

DefaultLabs’ List:

-5 Little monkeys jumping on the bed (battle to the death)
-Monday Night Monkin'
-Poop and Pee colors only
-[inanimate object] for president
-Johnny the Horse discovers love
-Procedurally generated music
-Toenail Harvesting: Tips and Tricks
-The main character must be referred to as, "Dude, bro, dude, like bro, dude dude, bro, dude," throughout the entire game
-Monkey dating sim