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Glock Group

The Glock Group was founded on the 6th July, 2005. The four leaders were Pineapple Glock, Raspberry Glock, Golden Glock and Mushroom Glock, all former Clocks and Locks. The GG originated on an Invisionfree board, but after a while, it got its own site, and eventually its own domain name which is http://www.glockgroup.net.

The first glock submission was "GG - Angry", which featured and was made by Raspberry Glock and Mushroom Glock. The day "GG - Angry" passed, July 18th, is now considered by the Glocks to be "Glock Day", the equivilant of the Clock Crew's "Clock Day", where most of the GG members celebrate the upbringing of the group by submitting movies to the NG portal.

Other significant flashes by the GG include the Time Trials, the "ATTN" flashes, and "GG - Friends", which was the first movie to get an award for the GG. The GG continues to expand and it doesn't look like they are going to stop any time soon.