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Flash Forward Jam

To commemorate the Death of Flash and celebrate the Rise of Ruffle, we're hosting a jam where participants create Ruffle-friendly (Actionscript 2) Flash content to share after Flash has been removed from browsers!

Jam Requirements:

Make something interactive with Flash, either a game or interactive movie, which could include an animation collab with a cool menu interface, or something with decisions / alternate endings.

Make it with ActionScript 2 and confirm it works via Ruffle before publishing. You will see a “Test with Ruffle” link on your preview page. Ruffle is what we use to run Flash on NG without the Flash plugin.

Upload any time in January and tag it “Flash-Forward-Jam” to participate!

Note, if you want your work to run well on mobile, be sure your buttons have a large click space to capture finger taps.

Game Prizes:

1st - $700 + Interview with @TheInterviewer
2nd - $600
3rd - $400
4th - $300
5th- $120

Movie with Interactive Element Prizes:

1st - $200+ Interview with @TheInterviewer
2nd - $150
3rd - $100

Best Mobile-Friendly Entry: $100 Bonus, regardless of placement.

If anyone wants to chip in to boost prizes, use the donation option on the Supporter page and PM me a heads up you donated towards the Flash Jam! Current sponsors are @BerzerkStudio $1,500, @Dungeonation $570, @SrPelo $100, @Squidly $100, @53xy83457 $100, @Piggybank12 $75, @Urichov $60, @Xinxinix $50, @AKA-38CAUTION $10, @LittleLuckyLink $5 and myself with $100!

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