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Dr. Shroud

The Dr. Shroud series is created by Robert Feldman.

This is the first installment of the Dr. Shroud series entitled "Dr. Shroud in the Alley of the Dolls."

The second installment of the Dr. Shroud series is here! Dr. Shroud in: "La Maudite: The Damned"

From child vampire to father, husband and succesful
plastic surgeon, this short series will reveal the
truth behind Dr. Shroud's awful past in glorious black
and white!

It's the one year anniversary of the mysterious "boy
in the box" case and strange events begin to occur in Necropolis, beginning with the dissappearance of innocent citizens! When Dr. Shroud gets unwillingly involved, he confronts the heart of evil itself and a past he had long forgotten.

Get a piece of the action with this Dr. Shroud game!

The return of Dr. Shroud!