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Clock Crew History

It all started when a user by the name of StrawberryClock started submitting crappy flash animations to the Portal. This led to a large following of users who hated StrawberryClock! Eventually StrawberryClock vanished, and from the ashes appeared a new group of clocks which formed the Clock Crew! These clocks however were different. These clocks cared about Newgrounds, and wanted to spread peace and love to all the users. While some of their early Flash work wasn't the best, they quickly got the hang of things and started submitting better, and funnier Flash movies. Now they have developed into loveable characters, starring in many different Flash movies along side other NG users, and even the NG Crew!

However, because of their popularity, other users wanted to get in on the Clock craze, but most followed the example of Strawberry Clock and flood the Portal with bad Flash! These imposter Clocks, or Clock Clones, are not part of the "Official Clock Crew" and should not be associated with them.

To provide more insight into the Clock Crew, we will begin with some of StrawberryClock's movies. You will see why people hated him and carried that hate over to the new Clocks, even though they may not have deserved it. Then you can watch movies from the Official Clock Crew, followed by movies created by other users who don't like the Clocks. So the next time you watch a Flash movie made by a Clock, be sure to give it a fair chance, as some of them are very good, while others are complete crap!

StrawberryClock - The self-proclaimed "King of the Portal." His movies started the clock-craze. Strawberry remains a mystery, but he is known to show occasionally.

OrangeClock - The most artistic member of the Clock Crew, he's behind most of the pictures and the Clock Crew logo.

RaspberryClock - The friendliest clock, Raspberry loves to take time out of his busy schedule to show how much he cares for everyone on Newgrounds.

AppleClock - Known for his animation.

KnottsberryClock - The only clock with jam, Knottsberry is the webmaster of the ClockCrew, and is responsible for most of their website. Check out his funny Clock Crew parodies of classic cartoons and movies!

FatalberryClock - The first clock with a digital face, Fatalberry's funny sense of humor and masterful artwork make him a very respected Clock. Fatalberry also likes to chill and smoke ganja with Raspberry... he also stalks him!

CarrotClock - Supposed leader of the vegetable clocks, who insists on "reclaiming" the throne from Strawberry Clock. We think this has been one of the more entertaining Portal conflicts, but the rest of the Portal doesn't seem to agree. Maybe they just aren't Transformers fans. :)

RadishClock - Radish was the peacemaker between the Vegetable Clocks and the Fruit Clocks, and his efforts ended the conflict and united the ClockCrew.