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NG: Zero Hour Needs Pixel Artists!

Newgrounds: Zero Hour, the game that launched Pixel Day that I started on 5 years ago, is now back in development!

I need experienced pixel artists who can make as little or as many assets as they want! I want this to be a mural of pixel artists for the community, and to celebrate Newgrounds.

With that said, this is a project for fun, and no hurry on it. We'll be taking our time, but staying motivated. The demo did really well and helped promote Pixel Day, bringing more pixel artists to Newgrounds! It's a fictional, non-canon sequel to Pico's School, but expanding to the NG universe with many past popular characters. It's also focused on challenging platforming and boss fights.

A good example is the Stage 2 walkthrough video (don't mind the glitch of the fireballs being way too big and reversed, plus this is old): https://youtu.be/OO7HkSgScW8

Also here's the announcement trailer highlighting Stage 1: https://youtu.be/OO7HkSgScW8

We already have a decent amount of artists, but we can have as many as we want! I want your style to shine on this project, but I do look for quality. It would be cool to release another demo on Pico Day. Send me your work, and we'll talk! Thanks! :)


Help with Newgrounds Rumble 2!

Before you ask, no, this is not MindChambers Newgrounds Rumble 2, we are both doing our own thing. Anyway, we need an artist to recreate/slightly redesign the fighters so everything looks nice, ya know? We're also looking for some artists willing to make some Newgrounds Art, and for it to be featured in the "Museum" in the game, as a fun little collab for the game. If you have any other skills that you think could help, please DM! I probably missed some stuff and any help is thanked, big or small!



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