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I am wanting to make a short film that is animated. I plan on it being a story of loss and acceptance. The main character is shown growing up in short clips until it is a shot from behind as he stares at a casket that holds his mother. The film would then take time to show those moments from the beginning in a different light to show the love they shared. Between each moment I want to show a progression in his life after her death and how remembering those moments from childhood help him move on and live with her death. Finally ending with the final releasing of any sadness and accepting no one lives forever. It is a bit of a darker concept but I want the viewer to also feel hope after watching the film. If you want to help we can talk and I can give more information on my plan for this project. Please consider :) and I cannot promise any money, very sorry, this is purely a project of passion as opposed to profit.


Hey gang! I'm looking to start an animated series and I need some voice actors. right now I only need one, I'll post again if I need more but for right now here's the character:


This is Stevie J. Penguin, his age should not how you think he sound though. His lines will be in scripts that I will send to you once finished.

Unfortunately this is an unpaid gig(s) so if you want to drop out of the project, I will not pursue you or try to 'win you back' just try not to in the middle of production of an episode, because I cannot guarantee if I will need you to re-record lines.

It's more convenient to message me here than my email so please message me here if you want to give it a shot.



I'm open (looking for) to collab with Art aand Writing :]

Online (green status) = Open

Offline (school , red status) = Closed

Rules are simple:

-Do not upload stolen work or I will prepare guillotine for you

If necessary , i'll come to your collab UwU

-DO NOT force me to do an collab when I'm on school in mondays till friday

(actually i'm going to school at 7:00AM (afternoon at 12:40PM) ( my timezone)

-DO NOT complain or making me to do stolen works or i'll decline it and I will sent a stolen work to Game/Movie moderator

-DO NOT say bad words to me , say those bad words in game and nerf it with rating T,M or A

-DO NOT write N-Word like ngr thing in writing post because people made that offend

I'll write with you example:

Quiz game (in PM's) PM's means Private Messages so here i'll send you my writing

Story game (i'm not writing a lot of them) (in PM's)

Platform game (in PM's)

Okidoki , that all folks , enjoy bros and sis's! <3


send me something if you want , its not important at all OwO

I do pixel arts

I'm not here to pay , it's 100% free , I don't need money there , my mommy hates unfamiliar money

Also a'm animating , don't forget

I'm the Geometry Dash Player bytheway

Indie RPG Currently in Development

soundAPE Casting is casting voiceover for a small, indie RPG that's currently in development. I am looking to fill one character role at the moment. There will be multiple roles available in the future so make sure you follow this thread!

How long will it take?


When do I need to send in my demo reel?

January 11th, 2021 - no exceptions

Where should I send my demo reel?

You can send your demo reel to me directly https://johnmontoya.wetransfer.com


TBD - please include your rates. Note: this is a small, indie game. I expect the budget to reflect that.

Character Specs

Age: 30 - 50

Sex: Male

Description: Deep voice, not too deep. Middle aged. No accent. Kind and caring, with various points of aggression and shadiness.

# of Lines: (Approx. 600 words for this character)

Audition Script

<Caring, comforting>

The fear of death is natural, we live so we may one day die. Whatever you do in between is up to you.

<Also calm and caring, but it is all a facade. Slightly shady.>

And what would you dear brother say? I'd say he won't be saying much now!


You are no longer worth any more of my time.

<Super aggressive, morale lowering>

I didn't think you would have the guts to face me. I will make sure to rip yours out!

<You have transformed into a monster. Deeper, slow and pained voice.>

Death.. awaits... us.. all...

After this casting call closes, I will reach out to those who closely fit the character's specs. You may be asked to read an additional, short audition script in the character's voice at that time.



I'm looking for an animator who uses Adobe Animate 2019 to assist me with my overflow of projects. You will be helping me animate or draw certain scenes that I don't have the time for. Requirements are you must be able to meet tight deadlines and you must be able to copy another artist's style (art style is very simple to copy) Please message me if you're interested.


Hey, I'm coming from JMAA GAMES, we're just precisely looking for a female VA for our next game, Johann Weiss: KILL HARD. It is the spiritual successor of Killer 7, and it is pretty crazy, offensive, and is pretty much our middle finger to 2020.

Basically, we need a Jinx (League of Legends) soundalike that sounds more schizophrenic. A character called Joanna Weiss, a german Asatru follower who simps for Varg Vikernes, is schizophrenic to the extreme and like her brother has somehow access to firearms (in Germany).

JUST A FAIR WARNING THOUGH: The game's dialog contains offensive language, slurs, and other certain words that cannot be the family friendly kind, so if that's not your cup of tea, feel free to skip this one.

If you want to audition, send in an email to juanmtheripper[at]gmail[dot]com with the following stuff:

  1. Your name and social media or website
  2. A demo
  3. An audition
  4. Your rates (we work on a cost-per-line basis normally)

The audition lines are as follows:

"Johann, bro, I told you to stop eating that shit! You're gonna shit yourself again, you autistic r-tard! Oh well, I guess it's up to you if you want to shit yourself eating that kebab crap, you have autism after all..."

"Valhalla awaits me!"

"The gods smile on me, do you feel the same?!"

"Oh, Varg... I wish I could marry you..."

The deadline for auditions is February 1st, 2021

Happy auditioning!

P.S.: We'll pay off with Kickstarter money if the Kickstarter project that we will make becomes funded.


Hello ladies and gents, i am currently looking to hire a lighting/compositor for my 2d animated pilot project. if you are interested i have a casting call club page for the project where you can read about the project and see if it is for you. keep in mind this is going to be a adult comedy.

link: Casting Call Club : Mad Town pilot


iu_205328_695600.jpgHey all, my company Amoral Compass has conceptualized a movie poster to the film I directed, Bump in the Night. We’re looking for someone with good typographic and layout sense, and of course all-around photoshop skills. We aren’t ourselves sure if we are looking for a painting or photo manipulation mainly. But we can talk.

What am I looking at: Young woman silhouetted in light as she walks through an opening cut out from a giant Solo Cup (Party culture is a big theme in the film) as a menacing figure hovers above in the shadows. What is really shown completely is the ground where we expect the best place for the title would be.

We want to bring out the thematic doom expressed in this concept. If any change would be needed it would probably be on the side of further stylization to enhance the figure lurking in the shadows. We’ll provide any photo shoots that will go into making the assets.

please send example of your work and rates. Thank you!


Newgrounds: Zero Hour, the game that launched Pixel Day that I started on 5 years ago, is now back in development!

I need artists who can make as little or as many assets as they want! I want this to be a mural of pixel artists for the community, and to celebrate Newgrounds.

With that said, this is a project for fun, and no hurry on it. We'll be taking our time, but staying motivated. The demo did really well and helped promote Pixel Day, bringing more pixel artists to Newgrounds! It's a fictional, non-canon sequel to Pico's School, but expanding to the NG universe with many past popular characters. It's also focused on challenging platforming and boss fights.

A good example is the Stage 2 walkthrough video (don't mind the glitch of the fireballs being way too big and reversed, plus this is old): https://youtu.be/OO7HkSgScW8

Also here's the announcement trailer highlighting Stage 1: https://youtu.be/OO7HkSgScW8

We already have a decent amount of artists, but we can have as many as we want! I want your style to shine on this project, but I do look for quality. It would be cool to release another demo on Pico Day. Send me your work, and we'll talk! Thanks! :)


Hey I'm Artzom-b the "head" of DeadHead Studios and I have a proposition for all of you!

I'm looking for people for unpaid and paid work. If you are looking to be paid my budget is limited so please be reasonable, I might turn you down just for how much you may be charging.

If you working unpaid then you will get the credit you deserve and if we do start making money down the line you may get a cut depending on if you want it or not but I assure you I'll make sure you get your share if you want it.

Currently I've contacted a few people but until I hear back from them all positions are open

this is what we need:

Comic book artist:





StoryBoard artist


Video Editors

Concept Artist

BackGround Artist

Voice actors



Sound Dev

If you are interested and want to know more either show what you have here or DM me with any questions comments and concerns!


Hello Lloyd here

 This is a job posting for: 3D Artist / 3D Designer

What I’m looking for is 2 character models highly detailed male and female with 3 alternative outfit they will be highly stylized with accessories featuring different times lines, Think dragonball / transfromers HERE ARE LINKS AND EXAMPLES

https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https://www.cgmasteracademy.com/uploads/media/cache/work/rc/0Ohhva4a//uploads/media/course/0001/50/828b751381dd816d89184e473584b74cc40020fe.jpeg&amp;imgrefurl=https://www.cgmasteracademy.com/courses/109-stylized-characters-in-3d&amp;tbnid=IdpPxRCp066sGM&amp;vet=12ahUKEwj8pbbi5uXsAhWTf6wKHQZND5IQMygOegUIARDGAQ..i&amp;docid=X8CitaA3iMnUiM&amp;w=360&amp;h=360&amp;q=highly detailed stylized character models male female&amp;ved=2ahUKEwj8pbbi5uXsAhWTf6wKHQZND5IQMygOegUIARDGAQ

https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https://cdn.flippednormals.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/28010150/big_5b99fb6aeb.png&amp;imgrefurl=https://flippednormals.com/downloads/stylized-male-and-female-full-body-base-meshes-pack/&amp;tbnid=kvbRhsthAkKLUM&amp;vet=12ahUKEwj8pbbi5uXsAhWTf6wKHQZND5IQMyg3egQIARAz..i&amp;docid=yN3b6pySfTLzlM&amp;w=1500&amp;h=653&amp;q=highly detailed stylized character models male female&amp;ved=2ahUKEwj8pbbi5uXsAhWTf6wKHQZND5IQMyg3egQIARAz


OK SO https://polycount.com/plugins/emojiextender/emoji/twitter/smile.png

I am seeking 2 3D artists whom are willing to work in development this is a post and a real job.

 I am offering $85 for highly detailed character model and $25 each additional outfit plus accessories.

 I am looking for a long-term working relationship with future projects and also percentages on sales as (talent) on the back end (after manufacturing and sales).

While this job is for humanoid and robotic models if you have posted a responses, to this post. We keep track. Meaning, if you are Designer, Car Designer, mechanical engineer etc. If you post a link or portfolio images to this post (limit to one post per area of interest), someone checks our post and e-mail so if there are future project opportunity’s you may be contact to see if you were interested

This is my budget. Do not accept the job and ask for more. Or accept project and not produce

 I am posting on behalf of Manic technology solutions this is real for a real inde studio and an independent project. We don’t have much starting out but we will work with you if you work with us. We have been a part of this community for years we will help all, but we will start where we started

 And yes I said a percentage in sales after productions. We think differently enough said.

 We need artists and developers that we can trust that are independent, highly, motivated, goal oriented, and most importantly that can produce the product “DO THE WORK”,

 I understand and appreciate your time and interest I will not monopolize or encroach on any existing or future contracts I am here to work with artists and developers who would like to work with us “to help produce a mixed media project.

 Make no mistake this is a team effort and I’m looking for team players. You will be a part of a team of Artist, Developers and writers very talented and self-motivation individuals so orientations and production is a must,

 If you are interested I would love to hear from you.

This post is for 2 3d artist/designers.

all candidates must be 18 or older although our content is not exclusively mature we do reserve the right to make all content including mature content as we see fit , and in accordance with the laws of the United States

Thank you for your time Lloyd manic technology solutions.


I couldn't draw if my life depended on it. I would like to have an image altered/processed and I'm convinced any artist with half a set of skills could do it. I may be wrong about that, but what I do know is that I can't.

I love Parks & Rec and Ron Swanson in particular. I'd like to have a t-shirt printed, just for myself, with his beautiful face on it:


Not necessarily this picture, but one with his trademark scowl at least. I want it to be a cut-out of his head, from chin to hair-do. I want it to be black lines, white fill with a slightly cartoonish bent, such as this:



Thick, smooth lines, no greys or shading - big on contrast. I'd need it in a resolution high enough to survive being printed on textile.

The artist would need to:

  • Find a picture they could work with
  • Find some more example pictures like the ones above (I'm pretty sure there are examples that come closer to what I'd like to see, but I have no clue how to find them)
  • Submit at least one source and one example pic to me, a couple to choose from if possible, so we can reach agreement on what to work with

After that, I'm pretty confident something good will come out of it, but naturally I'll want to approve the final product as well.


I'm asking for someone to put unpaid time into this. Instead, I want to offer a barter deal. If, upon completion or at any moment after that, you require:

  • A bit of voice acting
  • A bit of music
  • Someone to mix your music or troubleshoot your mix
  • Something recorded to add to your music
  • Anything else you think I would be a suitable candidate to help you out with,

I will return the favor. It's gotta be more or less balanced of course, but I'm gonna assume that anyone reading this is savvy to what is and isn't fair. If I'm subsequently allowed to put it in my portfolio and/or get credited in the final product, I'll even be willing to put in a little extra effort.

I don't have much by way of a portfolio at this moment, but I plan on updating my corner of the site a lot in the coming weeks, I have some stuff on my YouTube (most of which I recorded and/or mixed and/or played) or I could do you a solid playing and recording live drums for something.

Hit me up if you think you can deliver what I'm looking for and are willing to barter!


Hello! If you’re reading this you’re interested in the paid project Light Ivy Pictures has going on currently. Two years ago, we made the Pilot to our show Guardians of the Sacred Light. It was formerly a Sonic inspired fan project, however, recent events have transformed the show into its own original project. Since the release of the Pilot, we’ve had a very rough time getting the development going, so we are starting over! Now that we’ve made some cuts and revisions we are ready to compliment this show with some paid animation!

We have about a 1 minute and 50 second intro song that we need an animated intro for! For specifics, the video below will shine more light on what to expect!

Here are the stills and a few character designs to let you know what you will be working with!






And some storyboarding we've been doing for our Pilot remake!



If there are any more question comments or concerns! Please don't be afraid to contact us at:



DM us on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/LightIvyPics

We look forward to working with you and seeing your amazing portfolios!


I need an animator that can animate in anime or anime like style. It can be cartoon style as well as long as its clean with a good style fitting my needs. Just send me some of your work if you wish to apply. Payment details and budget will be discussed in private. If you wish to email me you can contact me at hugsiebugsie@gmail.com

The animation will be about 1 - 2 minutes long with looping sequences to be reused in the video editing process. The video will have a dark undertone and is about a monster spider girl preying seducing someone romantically and then preying on this persons family.

Here is an image of the character. They would be animated in a different outfit and with a light Caucasian skin tone in the video which they later wipe off revealing it as makeup to look human.



Right up at the top here.

The plan is for this to be small, and free. So only take it on if you want something fun to mess around with, and aren't in it to get paid, or earn much more than a little ad rev

Back in 2008 (it's been a minute...) I did some planning and animating for a Newgrounds themed snowboarding game.


I had a selection of characters from around the site (for each, I had received permission to use in the game).

I even drew up sprites for about 7 of them!


Each one has a basic animation for lean right, lean left. As well as a tail grab, nose grab, and one move that's unique to that character! I had more ambitious things in mind at the time. But now it's just a matter of wanting to put something simple together to share. Maybe slap some ads in it, release it for free, and keep it as a small, for-fun, fan project.

We could do it as an endless runner of sorts. Maybe with physics somewhat similar to Downhill Snowboard?

Do flips. Tricks. Collect... something. Unlock boards, and characters. Add some achievements and a highscore board. Maybe there are a few different themed hills to go down with slight re-skins?

Probably not much more than that needed.

We'll keep it small, simple, and I can send some of the assets over to work with asap!

I hope that's strikes someone's interest. Cheers!


Looking for voice actors and musicians for my senior thesis film "Mr. Beachcomber."


The film is a sort of grim comedy that follows a chef who works at a beach restaurant. The viewer follows him on his last day at this beach as he slowly decays and becomes sand, being consumed by the very place he despises.

Here are some animated shots so you get a sense of the style:


I need a 20-25 second clip of a cheesy beach-themed song in a sort of Blink-182 or Green Day style if possible. This will be the song that plays on the protagonist's alarm clock to wake him up. Please contact me if you believe you are capable of making this or know someone who would be willing. We can discuss payment privately since I know price can vary quite a bit.


I need 3 character voices. These are the characters I need voices for:


For The Jackasses I'd like the characters to have a sort of Beavis & Butthead sounding voice to them. The character with the black hair I want to sound similar to Beavis but maybe more like Ian Miller's character "Mak." The character with the hat has no lines but he laughs and vomits up sand, so I just need a dopey voice for him.

For The Waitress I'd like for her to sound like a sweet woman whose voice has been ruined by years of chain smoking and working in the restaurant business. Although her voice is ruined, I still want to retain a feminine quality to it so I'm looking for someone with a sweeter voice who is capable of sounding like a smoker.

If you can do any of these voices or know someone who can, please contact me. Payment will be discussed privately since I know each role requires a different level of work.

So if you're a voice actor or musician looking for a fun, creative-driven project to work on, you can PM me or reach on on a variety of social medias I have linked in my profile. Also my e-mail is RatChiliArt@gmail.com.



I'm currently trying to learn Unity, to make a hobby out of it, but it goes slowly and I'd like to find someone who would be able to guide me through a couple of projects and show the ropes.

The main problem is that I'm trying to do something and then hit a roadblock and it takes a lot of time to power through it.

So I think it might be structured as 1-2 hourly online meetings per week, where I tell you what kind of learning project I want to make, show you my progress and ask a question like "how do you do this or that" and maybe a couple of text questions during the week for little things.

If you're interested, please answer with your expected hourly rate, so I can check if I can match it.


Hey guys, my name is Jimmy. I'm the frontman for an independent rock band called Unrivaled. We're working on a full length album and are ready to release out singles, but we can't shoot a proper music video due to the virus.

So what I'm looking for is a Gorillaz style animation video to help us promote our song. The song is three minutes long and I'm looking for someone who can create an animated version of the band, playing our track in a white room, as black paint begins to seep into the walls.

I'm not sure how pricing works for animation in this way, so please don't be offended if the number is a low ball. I am willing to pay over four figures. So message me if you're interested.

I would like to see some of your guys' work and hopefully we can work together on this project.

Thanks for reading,



I am looking for a animator that can do a animated short for my clothing, I need the animation style to be similar to the show smiling friends, SpongeBob, or rick and Morty


Hi folks!

I'm working on producing two different web-series and I am looking for animators who are interested in being a part of the team!

For Animators, we work in Adobe Flash/Animate and are looking for consistently paced work that stays close to our storyboards. Whether you are new to animation and want to grow your portfolio, or if your heavily experienced and looking for work, I'd love to have you.

I do offer paid and unpaid work, and you can PM me for more info!


Just as the posting suggests:

Pico Sim Date <3 is looking for voice actresses to voice our waifus~


Characters in need of voices:





More about the project:


The characters do already have personalities but if any of them call out to you specifically, send me a PM and let me know! It'd be great if we could communicate on Discord afterwards.

Please include which character you're interested in voicing and/or your voice range and please include your rates or commission info for your work. Please be willing to do NSFW voicing as well.

Thanks so much~



I'm looking for an animator for an animated music video in the art style of Gravity Falls. Please message me or email me at cgsongscontact@gmail.com if you're interested, and we can talk specifics! :)



I'm looking for a voice actor for a short clip i'm making to pitch to [adult swim]. I'm looking for a voice for a loveable smart ass character. His name is Jose (Pronounced Joe-Ss not Hoe-Zay) a 23 year old dude in a pop punk band. I imagine him with a confident demeanour but not masculine. Just a cool interesting voice that doesn't come off wimpy really but not deep or manly either. I'll attached a character design sheet below as well to help you get a feel for him.

If you're interested send me a message with a link to your voice acting reel or I can email you the script to do some test lines. This will be a really fun project for everyone involved.

Come on. Don't be scared. Hit me up.



**UPDATE** This project has been put on hold for a while but i'm looking for more voice actors for a animated pilot i'm pitching to Cartoon Network. Go to my profile for details. Cheers.


I'm looking for several sprites (64x64 or bigger if possible) to be designed along with sprite sheets. You can take use any of these soldier designs to put together my sprites together.


In this style of pixel art


Need a squad leader, heavy infantry, medic, basic infantry, and scout. Message me with quotes if interested with some cool designs in mind.


Looking for part-time and freelance Talent Scouts. Work from home opportunity!

We are looking for great newcomers that can help us scout artists for our YouTube Channel, Pencilmation. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about online Animation production and the roles needed to run it.

The work will consist of looking for potential artists that specialize in Storyboards, Animation, Scriptwriting, SFX and other similar fields, using any means available to you. You will not be required to get in touch with them, you just need to provide us their details. You can work at your own pace and schedule, and you will be paid based on the number of your submissions. You’ll also get a $10 bonus for each successful referral. No limits on the bonus!

Please get in touch with recruitment@pencilmation.com if you have any questions or would like to apply! We look forward to working with you!