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Hi! I am Threshersaurus Rex. I wish to collaborate with anyone who needs to do something. You just need some patience and time for me to do them. I can animate in 2D to 3D, can do voice acting, could write stuff, and do some sweet artwork. I do however have some restrictions. For 1, keep the age rating at E-T since my content is like that. Another thing is you have to be patient because I have other things to do. Keep in mind that my animation skills are work in progress that I keep improving but you can help me with that and even though my art work is good(depending on your view), I still improve. I fix and patch my work but I can help you with any project as long as It follows some of my restrictions. If you want to collaborate or do art with me, then message me. This is absolutely free as I don't need the money. You just need to credit me and have fun.