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Hi. I'm TrandafirTeodora, also known as Theo Rose.

I have been composing music for 4 years and I want now to tell you I'm open for commissions.

I will create songs mainly for video games and animations. Genres included: pop, rock, heavy metal, techno, dance, ambient and other electronic stuff(dubstep and 8-bit music not included). Experimental stuff is fine too.

What I won't do:

- songs with lyrics

Also, I won't create music for NSFW animations or video games(by that I mean porn or gore).

I'm going to charge approximately 15 - 25 USD per track, but if you want me to make an entire OST for your animated series or video game, I will charge 7 USD per minute.

Here's my entire work on Newgrounds:


If you want to contact me, you can PM in Newgrounds or email me. I will respond in maximum 24 hours. If I decide to take the commission, I will send you an invoice privately through PayPal. The commission will be finished between 1 week and 3 weeks.

Email: aaachilltrill@gmail.com