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If you have this really crazy idea that you want to become a reality ,then call me and it shall be done so :D

I like it when something is NSFW, but am also doing SFW art.

Message me and we will try to build something up,together ?

Don't worry about the price,cause they are very reachable.

For example

Maximum 2 figures in one picture is 30$, and so the price will follow the number of figures and overall complexity of the work.

These are some newest works!



Hello there!

I'm currently open here for commission here on newgrounds too.

Here you can ask me for commissions regarding weapons, various kind of equipment and props.

I specify this these subjects because that's what i'm good at, but we can eventually talk about further options, like creatures or fully fledged characters if you want.


The base price for a commission would be 30$, subject being a single object (weapon, armor, prop) with lineart and falt colors. additional needs and options are available, like different style, shading and full realistic rendering, but those need to be discussed and the price will inevitably rise accordingly.


If you are interested, feel free to contact me here or on any of the other platforms i'm on, as specified on my profile page.

if you contact me directly, i will have to ask you for some of the payment in advance; alternatively, you can use artistnclients and create a commission request there.