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I'm Open for Commissions!

Hey Newgrounds!

After a long absent of contributing to Newgrounds and its content, I've decided to do it once again. I am currently open for commissions! Whether it's animation or games, I can be of help.

  • Recent Projects: Old Chicago: Wild Hunt (Destiny 2 fan-made project), Herobrine Origins Part IV Minecraft Machinima Film. Featured in NBC's America's Got Talent World Taekwondo Performance, DCS World, Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies campaign ad
  • Skills: I can write orchestral/epic music, theme songs, battle music, and more. I use FL Studio as a DAW. I am also capable of stemming, mixing and mastering, and writing sheet music.
  • Availability: Currently available for both quick gig and long-term projects.
  • Rates: $100-300 per 1 minute of finished tracks (depends on the range of instruments and project duration), negotiable. Depends on your budget, project size, etc.
  • Contact: Please either send me a DM or email me at jyun.composer@gmail.com. Please send us as much info as possible, with your previous works!
  • Portfolio: You can totally check my music posted on my profile, or my Linktree. There's portfolio and my socials on Linktree!

If you need a composer who can write catchy melodies with epic orchestral genre, I can be of service. I look forward to work with your amazing projects! Thanks for reading :))

~ Jessie


Open for Commissions!

I am always open for digital art commissions on my Ko-Fi! I am now at 500+ orders and still going! I believe in quality work, timely responses to commissioners, and the kindness of a mature customer service. If commissions aren't your deal, I sell premade sets to easily download from my Ko-Fi and upload to your Twitch channel! I take requests for those as well if you would like to see a certain theme.

I currently offer graphics for streamers on Twitch, Discord content, and social media art! A small sample of my previous commissions are below.




Get a better look at my Terms of Service below as well as frequently asked questions and real reviews from previous commissioners here: https://peachyfren.tumblr.com/faq

If you like what you see, please feel free to contact me via any site I'm active on. I'm here to answer questions, help brainstorm ideas, or just chat about stream branding in general. Sharing my information with anyone you know who's looking for art like this also helps a lot. I hope to work with you or your team soon!


Yo yo yo I’ll draw stuff for you!!

Hey guys!! My name is Phaedra, I’m a freshman in high school, and I draw fan art and shit!!

Here’s my prices, and what you can message me what you’d like me to do!


I do lightly colored sketches for $5, plus $5 for each added character. These get done relatively quickly!!


I can do black and white illustrations for $10, and I’ll send you progress images now and then to check in!


Fully colored images are $15, plus $5 for each character added. I’m more than willing to draw your OCs!!

Send a message my way, and I’ll be more than willing to work for you!!!