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Hello everyone!

I'm Sayuri, I'm a SFW and NSFW artist. I tend to focus on NSFW since there is more demands there but i'm open to pretty much everything!

I'm making commissions for a while now but I joined Newground recently. You can go on Fiverr at the moment if you want to commission me or send me a message on Twitter.

My social media :

My website : www.sayuridrawsthings.com

My nsfw twitter : https://twitter.com/Sayuridrawssex

My sfw twitter : https://twitter.com/sayuridrawss

My Fiverr Page : https://www.fiverr.com/sayuridraws?up_rollout=true

My Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/sayuridrawsthings

My Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/sayuridrawsthings/

I have more of my previous artworks on twitter at the moment but you can still see some here!

(I'll try to upload everything I did, but that might take a while!)

My price list (I also do "Lineart, black and white clean lines, but I can't upload the image ^^') :





There are some things I do and some that I won't but if you have any question, let me know!

Things that I do :

- Tentacule

- Gangbang

- Casual sex

- Rough sex

- Futanari (<3)

- Fetishes

- Lesbians

- Others stuffs

Things that I won't do :

- Furries

- Scatophilia

- Vore

- Gore

- Animals

- Inflation

- Overly big or small proportions (enormous boobs that hide the body and such things)

- minors

- Men on men

- Shota

If you don't see your request type in the list, feel free to ask if I can do what you want or not!

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you soon! <3


Hello I am open for commissions!

You can message me on Newgrounds!




I'm open for commissions! Here's some info on commissions that is open to change until I figure out what works best for me. More options may be added in the future.

If interested, feel free to message me either on here, one of my linked social media accounts, or by emailing me at eldritchpunkcommissions@gmail.com. Please include details about your commission and references if possible. If I decide to take your request, I will reply to discuss details and payment.



B/W + Single Color (Half-body Only) - 30 USD

(Additional Characters - 15 USD)

Patterned Backgrounds - 10 USD


Colored (Half-Body Only) - 50 USD

(Additional Character - 25 USD)

Backgrounds - 10 USD

  • I draw SFW art but I don't mind doing slight nudity or suggestive clothing;

  • Payments are to be done upfront via PAYPAL;

  • Prices are subject to change depending on the complexity of the request, characters or backgrounds;

  • The finished pieces will be uploaded to my Newgrounds account and social media unless specified to remain private.

Hello, I am open to commission art or animations depending on what you are looking for! I mainly work with vector based styles, and mainly with 2d art or animations! Prices can be discussed in PMs, but I look forward to working with anyone!

Animation example, simulation!