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Hey, im wanting to do small projects for people so i can build up my portfolio, everythings free.

Im up to do comics, animations, drawings, hell, if you want, ill go to town in photoshop.

I can do sfw and nsfw, but its your fault if the nsfw pieces look bad.

you can dm me on here, but ill most likely see you on twitter or discord.

twitter: @_Dwc68

discord: Da world cool68#9862

also, i do flash stuff too.


Hello all! Figured it was about time to actually make a listing here, but the long and short of it is I'm available for VA work for projects! I've done voice work in fandubs, abridged works, and original animations. My only restrictions at this time is obviously nothing that could be considered controversial or offensive, and I don't do NSFW roles at this time.

What I am available for is animation, dubbings, abridged projects, and video game dubbing. For anyone that wishes to contact me, the best method would be via email, while I also have Discord for easy communication, and DMing on Newgrounds is also an option. For paid works, rates can be negotiated.

For those who wish to peruse them, my voice acting resume, as well as my demo reel, can be found below! My vocal range varies from teens, to young adults, and the occasional elderly character. Any questions on other roles or vocal types can be relayed to me either on this site or through one of the other mentioned contact methods.

Looking forward to working with you all!