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Hello. I am a young man who makes music using LMMS. I don't focus on classical music, jazz music. Only on one thing...


Gangster Rap is my main thing, but i also make music that attains to music you'd find in Doom or Undertale. (My sister would love to that. She is most likely better than me.)

What level in music are you in?

I'm most likely in level 2, so i could learn a thing or two working with people and receiving suggestions.

I don't make super complex music, but i don't make super boring music either. I just mainly play it by ear and make it a run of the mill type beat. Primarily west coast sounding.

Why would employers look at your music and want it in their movies?

Because hip-hop/trap beats are easy to follow and a repetitive sound. The rhythm also matters too.

I try nail it down and find out what i like about it. I make the music for my own ears, i don't do anything to attend an audiences ears. Well that would be a half-ass lie kind of, sometimes I'll do something that people would like to see. But most of the time as i said, i play it mainly by ear.

What would you charge for your music to be used?

Right now i don't have a outlet that anyone could pay me in. It's not a problem though, because credit where credits due.

As-long as my employers credit me in their video, i am fine. I could open up a Patreon, but I'd need to be recognised for what i do. So, for now my music is free.

What would you charge if given the case?

It depends on content and beat time. Let's say a 1 minute song with some basic beat in it would be anywhere from 1 to 5 pounds. And a 5 min and complex beat would be from 5 to 10 pounds.

1 Min Beat and Simple Layout 1-5 pounds.

5 Min Beat and Complex Layout 5-10 pounds.

Here, i formatted it better for you :D

If anyone is interested then message me on i presume New-grounds. I won't respond instantly as i am busy with music and videos. Have a great day!

P.S i could also try remake a song.