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Price list:

- On the shoulders - 7 dollars

- Up to the waist - 10 dollars

- On the knees - $ 11

- Full length - 12 dollars

- Background - from 3 dollars (depending on complexity)

- Additional (optional) content - from $ 2.

If that is, for example, an optional hat, jacket, etc.

- NSFW - content 5 dollars

-I warn in advance I do not draw Furry, just so that later they do not complain-

-Price goes for one character (except for the background and nsfw)

so if there are 2 or more characters, then add one more price tag.

- I hope that you will be comfortable in this regard, so goodbye and may the force of the exclusion zone come with you.

You can find examples of my recent work here:https://kartez1998.newgrounds.com/art