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Will Make Music For Any Project


I'm TeffyD, I make music which usually is background music, fusion, generic stock music stuff, etc, but I'm not limited to anything. Send me a message and I'll make a song for whatever you need. Animations, games, anything. I don't have a fee or anything but if you did wanna pay that'd be cool too.

Check out my profile and hmu whenever if you're interested.



I'm open for art commissions right now!

My specialty is in more rough and gritty-looking pieces, I focus a lot on textures shape design.

I'm a Jazz Guitarist so most music is built around improvisation.

My microphone is at a higher quality than ever for voice acting, I'm ready for those! I can do voices of both genders, and specialize in mimicking others.

I mostly program in Java and C++ but I am a quick learner and have had prior experience for several years.

Everything is open right now and the prices are listed on my Ko-Fi.

Thanks for reading!


Need music? / wanna collab on music?

To be brief, I'm looking for anyone who wants to collaborative with a musician. I specialize in guitar and bass (10+ years), but am more then capable of producing with midi. If you'd like to hear a quick portfolio of my stuff click here now!. I'm down for anything regardless of style! I have plenty of ideas and demos to share, that could use other instrumentalists (rhythm or lead), or singers. I'm also totally in to add layers on to your ideas!

Oh, you say you have a game, or an animation that needs soundtrack work? I Would love to be a part of that action! Here's a link to a playlist that has some extra instrumental stuff, the previous playlist does not.

Link to playlist on Newgrounds

Ultimately I'm looking to engage more with the Newgrounds community, so if you have any other ideas! ( I.E. mixing, SFX, audio editing, etc etc) Please reach out! I can't wait to make some magic!!!


Keryam is here, open for comms and stuff

Heya, comrade.

My name is Keryam and I'm composing cool stylish grunge rock and heavy metal.

Here, have my composing portfolio:

My Newgrounds uploads

My Spotify card

If you are looking for a composer or a sound designer for your projects – just dm me, we'll discuss the details. That's all.

Looking forward for our collaboration.



Guitar Music for Hire

Normally I make math rock but I can be versatile to your needs. I'm excellent at meeting deadlines and am extremely thorough with my work. Check out my profile, if you like my work send me a message and we can work something out.


musician open for anything

Musician here with lots of experience, please hit me up for any instrumental guitar based music you might need. All genres included, rock, country, jazz, latin, metal, you name it I can make it for ya with a unique production feel. I can also do any sort of loop be it in the style of Trap, breakbeat, house, 8bit chiptune, ambient, etc. I'm trying to build my resume working with Animators so contact me and let me craft you an ideal song for your art


some my work, more on my NG page


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