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I'm open for commissions on about everything, I learn very quickly so if there's a thing I'm not totally familiar about I can research and improve at while I'm hired

  • For music:

I started in percussion specializing in mallets but I excel in Jazz guitar, I can handle myself in about any genre and stringed or percussion instrument and I'd work on either instrument parts of a song (improvisation was my highest quality in jazz) or an entire song for a higher price, the price also being affected by length.

  • For Programming:

I'm a c++ writer with some experience and certification in cyber security and a little experience in Java and Flash; Commissions for coding might be higher because there's a lot more effort for me to handle with programming and some complexities take a lot of work for me to solve.

  • For writing

I'll charge with negotiation, I'm better at dialogue and poetry more than other stuff but I'm sure I could write to your content.

  • For voice acting

I'm about up for anything, I'm pretty good at impressions and mimicry and have a pretty large vocal range, but my microphone is a weirdly setup iRig mic

  • But my pride and what I believe I'm best at is my art and animation

I'm a painter, luthier, and animator. My pricing is negotiable with animations and paintings since I'm new to that scene with not many paintings under my belt, but my luthier work is most likely my most expensive. For guitars or string instruments you and I can discuss the design and electronics/features and I'll give you a good price, after payment is when I start working on it.

Everything's going to be listed to better detail in separate categories on my carrd.co

Thanks for reading


Normally I make math rock but I can be versatile to your needs. I'm excellent at meeting deadlines and am extremely thorough with my work. Check out my profile, if you like my work send me a message and we can work something out.


Musician here with lots of experience, please hit me up for any instrumental guitar based music you might need. All genres included, rock, country, jazz, latin, metal, you name it I can make it for ya with a unique production feel. I can also do any sort of loop be it in the style of Trap, breakbeat, house, 8bit chiptune, ambient, etc. I'm trying to build my resume working with Animators so contact me and let me craft you an ideal song for your art


some my work, more on my NG page