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Hi Newgrounds,

My name is Lorenzo and I've been studying the art of game music for the last 4 years at HKU University of the Arts (Netherlands). This year I will be graduating and I'm looking for game developers who would like to have me on their team.

Here's some of my work:


more of my VGM stuff: https://soundcloud.com/lvdh/sets/vgm

(I'm still working on my portfolio, I want to showcase some of my interactive music soon)

I have some coding experience, so I can also help out with the implementation. If you're interested, just send me a message or contact me at lorenzovdhmusic@gmail.com and we'll discuss the details.


Hello Everyone!

I'm Mophead, a young amateur musician hoping to get some of my stuff out there!

Have you got a small animation or game that you're making and you need some goofy buffoon to write the music for a scene? Well look no further friends, I'm your guy.

My Specialties:

I'm best at making upbeat, goofier songs but as time has gone on I've learned more about how to make atmospheric stuff. So if either of those are what you need then take a gander at what I have to offer!

Best way to contact me would be through headofmop@gmail.com but feel free to PM me on here if that's more convenient.

Check out these links for samples of my stuff! Or just go to my page.

Bandcamp: https://headofmop.bandcamp.com/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/matthew-konski

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC81WOx26fVCkgmGRbUPrfbA