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I'm Alex! I can provide you

  • 2D Animation | $6.66/second, or $100/15 seconds
  • Music | $1/second, or $60/1 minute
  • Video Editing | $10/5 minutes

You can find my work on Newgrounds and YouTube.

Please DM me here or on Twitter if you are interested! Thank you for your time!


Paypal + Ko-fi accepted! Read below for Terms+Conditions.


I'll need a general idea of the pose, age range of character/personality, and design! I'll also need to know what type of shading you would like, please do look through my art to get an example of what you're looking for!

=Wait time=

Approximately 5 days or under for sketch, after confirmation.

2-3 Weeks or under for full piece, no background. I'll keep you updated on my workload.


Refunds are at my own discretion, or if you back out of the commission before I am done lining, so be sure of your decision for more pricey and time consuming orders, please!


Character MUST be of age for NSFW, use common sense.

No furries for NSFW, sorry buds.

=Art of real individuals=

No real people unless they are proven to consent of content made of them.

=Commercial use=

$10 fee for non-personal use/profit.

-Personal use entitles: Profile images, sharing, etc.

-Commercial use entitles: Merchandising, brand content, use in monetized content.


I draw porn, please talk to me here or in twitter where I am online more often

(+18) no minors


I'm officially open for commissions! Prices are to be negotiated, however, I'm down to draw just about anything you're looking for

I'm down to draw:

Character Designs





Graphic Designs


Weird and Trippy stuff

Message me on here or on my Facebook page to discuss work :3




Hey guys I am The Emotive Umbreon,

I am looking for a part time collab project and not full time because of my busy daily schedule with my day job so no 24/7 contact VIa phone call or skype because of my work and my boss who is a complete fucking bitch about all the employees having their phones out during work but if you want to just call between 1:30 and 1:40 because my job has to sanitize the entire fucking building so there has to be a 10 minute call window so this is also because of the work environment for the whole post Pandemic world but i am available on firdays saturdays sundays and holidays as well but i am available in the mornings til noon central U.S. time not any other times if your timezone is different and you find this schedule that I am available to be contacted inconvenient for you then I'm sorry that I cannot be flexible for the schedule for your desired time because of my busy work schedule but my fall schedule since i go to a private school for autism and i am also willing to work after school but also wanting to make a decent amount of money because of my needing to earn money for my first fursuit so I can go to my first furry convention.

also some ground rules for the collab and project

1: It cannot be a racist smear campaign

2: It cannot be anti-fur territory because of my liking for the furry community

3; It cannot be homophobic because I have two friends who are LGTBQ members

4: the hours must be whenever I can because I still live with my parents but also on the autism spectrum so if you are not willing to work when I am wanting to so there has to be some free timing because I am willing to work with breaks and times to think about what will be done in the process so make sure you are willing to work with someone who is willing to do things his way on the art but is also wanting to collab because of the fact he is autistic

5: my collab partner/employer must not be part of white supremacy groups or even extremist groups so no neo nazi;s or even radical Muslims because I am not willing to work with people who are racist because of the fact I am not Racist and the rule must apply to the other way around because I will not work with those who are wanting to use my art for messages of hate

and the 6th and final rule for the chance for me to accept your offer is.

The collaboration partner if they live in the Tulsa county area must bring food and snacks and the snacks must be Gluten free because I have dietary issues so this is not a choice and also my pallet is pick so I will list the food that I will eat


burgers the burger must only have lettuce because i do not like condiments just because of texture reasons and also because i have a dislike for certain feel of the texture of condiments but if the condiments are on the burger I can make myself something because I can cook but only if we are at my home but that is only if

so if we meet elsewhere we would have to meet at a fast food place or a Pizza place because i will eat pizza but also the crust must also be gluten free so there is the main thing if anybody wants to meet me at a food place

and I am also willing to get ice cream and my favorite flavors are mint chocolate chip and also i do like chocolate and vanilla and i am not picky on whether or not there is a cone because the ice cream cone is the only thing with wheat that wont upset my stomach for some odd reason not even joking and also the other thing to the communication rule

i have to put my phone up at 930 pm every night regardless of the situation it has to be put up for my mental health so there is another time i wont be available for contact so if you are not willing to comply with these rules and are able to accept these rules and are willing to comply with these requirements then I will contact you back and the rule is if you are emailing me you must send a photo of yourself preferably a selfie because i need to have some form of facial recognition and your first name last name and who you are on newgrounds but this is because i need some way of remembering the person who is requiring my services

my services are not free for anybody if they are willing to pay me and compensate me for the time I was working for them then I will make sure to do the best job i can and my artwork is the best quality that is expected and nothing more because sometimes I will make a masterpiece that might not be my best one so I am not willing to work with someone who is not willing to work with these guidelines and also the other fact is I am a freelancer in the art world so if you want to hire me again then must wait in line if I am working with someone else but I will contact you if I accept the deal you make and also the food and snacks thing is for if you live in either Owasso or Tulsa Oklahoma areas because of the fact if you are local and are willing to meet me in person I will give some contact information for the sole purpose of making the plans for the final piece,

my Email is spaceballs11002@gmail.com

my FA user is Darkfoxkitsune of TEUstudios

I wont give my phone number because of the whole thing with sales calls frequently calling me so this is because I wont accept random numbers and if i only met a person once and their number is on my phone and all for a matter of years i wont remember the name ot face because i sometimes forget that the person had hired me after about 2 to 4 years after the job is complete and if you live in the tulsa area make sure to meet me at a starbucks and make sure to get me a frapp french vanilla and the size of the cup must be grande and also the type of coffee must be iced because hot coffee will burn my taste buds and I wont be able to taste the coffee if that happens

and also use the name for the person recieving the iced coffee as Darkfox because that is my main fursona's name so this is because i will introduce myself when we meet if that is optional so this is what must be meet in order for me to agree to meet for the business meeting part of the collaboration project meeting for the ideas and the estimated amount for the payment and I am willing to work for 12,50 per hour and also willing to be paid max amount and the amount is 25 dollars U.S. amount not international but if the amount total is too much for you to pay i understand as the price is flexible unlike my schedule

so that's pretty much it so just be sure to consider me working with you and also for the reason of the fact that I am also wanting to have part time work with my artistic talent so just put that into consideration

anyway if there are any questions for me just contact me by my FA user and my Gmail so

anyway have a good day

also 0w0

I had to do that because if you are expecting me to say that when we meet forget about it I will not be like that because I am semi serious but also very serious because of my personality but also I am kind so make sure not to take advantage of that and I mean don't try to fucking screw me over because i have been cheated out of stuff before so I am not retarded so I will make sure i can trust you

if you fail to comply with the contact requirements then I will not be able to trust the potential employer so that contact requirement is not optional and is required in order for me to work with someone who is trustworthy and is willing to comply with the requirements and if anybody is not willing to meet the requirements then I am sorry then I cannot work with you unless you are willing to send a photo of you and not your fursuit or you in fursuit

it has to be your face and a selfie and not you taking a selfie in a fursuit head,

so if you are willing to meet these requirements then i am willing to work with you so these are for me to recognize you and for me to have some security for the fact that in this modern society that is currently having cops shooting people and terrrorism and all that i must have some way to see if the person is you and if you save a photo of another person that looks like you then there is not going to be a partnership because i do not work with those who chicken out on the security requirements for me to accept the deal so


have a great day and follow the contact requirements in order for me to contact you.

also no sexting no pussy or dick pics because genital pics are not needed for security confirmations so that is one thing that is not going to be tolerated if I am willing to work with anybody

so that is also a huge no no for my collaboration partner to send genital pics of their actual genitals because that is sexting but also I might as well add another requirement because of the whole sexting thing i will not tolerate

if you have a criminal record and have one in all forms of criminal fields including

Sex offender


grand larceny

and every form of criminal offense that was committed by anybody this is also a requirement for me to decide weather or not i want to accept your offer

this is just because I don't have a criminal record and my record is clean and i am not willing to be an accomplice to a crime because i am not wanting to be raped in prison because of the whole male prisons being full of horny men wanting to make someone his fuck toy and that is not what i am looking to become so the criminal record for me to make sure that your background is legit so make sure to tell me details if you have committed criminal offenses and felonies in the past which will affect the likeliness of me wanting to collab with you guys

also i just want to weed out if the criminal offense is heinous enough to reject because of my kindness and my mental health so be 100% honest and be sure to tell me things and all that so that i can consider the whole thing

so that is pretty much the requirements for me to consider working with you guys

anyway have a great day and a safe one too



Click here for cartoony commissions

Terms of Service (short version)

  • I accept paypal and Revolut
  • Commissions must be paid in full upfront. I start working on your commission as soon as the payment is done. 
  • I do send Wips (Work in progress) for corrections, one at the sketch phase and one at the coloring phase.If you want something corrected after you approved it in the WIPS I sent, you will be charge extra accordingly.
  • If you want to cancel your commission and I already started I’ll do a partial refund. If I haven’t started yet you will have the complete refund.
  • The time I will take to complete the commission will depend on the length of the queue.but usually it takes around 24 to 48 hours to finish the piece once I start
  • For more detailed INFO,please check out  MY FULL TERMS OF SERVICE

Will do: any humanoid creature like furries,humans,demons and any animal figures like ferals,pets and fantasy creatures.

Won’t do: some NSFW stuff (ask)

Extra charge: mecha,steampunk and robotic stuff, detailed armours, detailed scenes

Price may vary depending on complexity. 

Commission Types:



To request an illustration from me you can contact me here be dm's , on my instagram or on my mail Morrya@yahoo.com

you could also complete THIS FORM