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Hi this is Nightmare PMD recently new to newgrounds, i have work to promote here that i will try to live up to it as i can

Here in this thread you can find all my prices and what i specializes in. But incase you're too lazy imma add all of it Here (Commission)


Here are currently my prices but to let you know ahead its not in Pounds but in Euro

Incase you're curious to the commission process here is the jizz of it


Please note that if i have contacted you about delaying it or such you are not free to ask for a refund right away, again unless i say so.

Friday night funkin has taken a large intress recently and so have i to it, thats not the best introduction but you can guess where this is going



(also incase you're wondering why senpai and pico are edits just know that they wont be and only will be in the sprite maximum border. Plus it was made for a mod between friends)

As established before Ko-Fi is where i handled payment. But at the same time i also prefer if you contact me on twitter about the specifics, altough anything will be fine

That is all. Hope i did it right lol