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aight lemme' just quote stuff from my fiverr;

hey, you there! yes you! do you want some fresh new compositions for your upcoming game? do you have some musical ideas but you don't know where to go with it? if it's compositions you want, then i'll be your man for the job, i'll be up for the task.

whether it be 8-bit music, experimental music, or just music in general. and if it's not in my range? simple, i'll gladly expand it for both you and me :)

so what are you waiting for? hit me up and i'll see how i can make your ideas into reality

ah yes people you heard it right. i will make any piece of music you want, not just for your upcoming game, but just for anything really. (animations, to impress your friends, etc.) i, for one, can tell you i am self-taught with three years worth of experience in making somewhat decent music. i can touch most genres, except for the ones that require me to play "real instruments" as i'm just a keyboard composer :p

here are some commisions i did before this, all being met with positive responses

so, you like that and you want to hit me up to compose or whatever? contact me through my NG or through email at masterofthepinecone@gmail.com. my rates are 5$ per track, and yes paypal will be used for said transaction.


Hello everyone! I'm ibraM from Denmark, and I'm currently selling illustrations in manga/comic style on Fiverr.

I'm going to illustrate whatever you'd like in manga/comic style.

These illustrations can be:

  • character designs, 
  • thumbnails, 
  • comic book panels, 
  • posters, 
  • covers 
  • and much more! 

All you need to do is tell me what you want drawn, and I'll do it! (I don't draw nude/sexual content).

Click here to order now





Ɛ> Like the title suggests, Im doing commission work on Fiverr! <3

My gigs are the following:

  • Cute Animal Profile Picture
  • Drawing your OC (SFW/NSFW)
  • Drawing Your favorite Animal Crossing Villager/Drawing your own Animal Villager

The last two gigs are fairly new because I need to raise enough money to pay off my Community College classes (and save up enough for my children's flight cage,,)

Im also willing to do commission work on NewGrounds!

Ill only have 20 slots open so that way I can manage my commission orders better!


Prints like these will start at $30 USD, though theres a few things I wont draw, like:

  • Fetishes
  • Derogatory Images
  • Anything hurtful or Offensive to others (i.e. racism, homophobia, etc.)
  • Gore P*rn
  • Real people in s*xual positions (Characters in live action shows/films are an exception)
  • Politicians

Everything else is pretty much okay! If you are interested, please contact me either on my private messages here on NewGrounds, or you can contact me at honeydumelon@hotmail.com!

Cant wait to do business with you!

~Honey :]