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Given I don't really touch this account that frequently, it'll be better if you contact me on Twitter. More details in the post as well.

As for anyone who would prefer to stick around on Newgrounds; I do character art, backgrounds, setpieces, concept art, character design, tutoring, custom emotes (discord & twitch experienced), and small animations. Mediums that I'm comfortable making content under are both traditional and digital, preferring cel shading and spritework on digital. I'm not only comfortable but also confident in producing both family friendly and not safe for work content, and have done so in the past. Fetish restrictions for nsfw content are judgement free unless they violate ToS or promote abuse.

Baseline quotes below represent a single character. Each character is charged separately.

•Sketches start at $15 usd for headshots

•Linework starts at $30 usd for headshots

•Flat colors start at $45 usd for headshots

•Full renders start at $55 usd for headshots

•Backgrounds, additional props, etc start at $10 for the simplest types and scale with complexity

•High complexity or labor intensive projects may be charged for an additional fee if required to compensate

Most commissions are finished within the process of one work week, and rush commissions can be boosted in priority for a flat fee of $20 or percentage based to %20, whichever is greater. That said clients so far have been so well mannered and patient I have yet to even employ this feature outside of very rare instances.