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I am illustrator freelance and visual development.

Example style drawing childrenbook here : https://joaedaniel.wixsite.com/portafolio

more examples here: https://www.instagram.com/drlcreativo/?hl=es-la

Process commission:

-If you are interested, send a note or an email.

- Depending on the complexity of the work, the price can be negotiated.

- For work followed you can also negotiate the price.

- The final works will have my signature of author (artistic signature in some corner that does not disturb the visual of the work). The final work will be property of the client for the use that he wants to give it, but still the work may have it for personal purposes in your portfolio.

- All works are digital and will be sent via email, there is no risk of losing the original art.

- Payment is always advanced.

- All payments are using "paypal"


The price the artwork may increase if it will be done for commercial purposes...








Hellooo, I am Xion, Character/World concept artist who is open for commissions :D

I can come up with ideas for video games or television series, or if you just want new characters/your characters drawn by me, that's fine too!

Price varies depending on how rendered the work is. Sketches are the lowest price, while fully rendered pieces are higher up.

  • 5-25$ for character concepts (character explorations, character building, expressions, head shot, bust, full-bodies etc.)
  • 5-25$ for machinery (note that I am more skilled towards life figures than mechs)
  • 30-50$ for world concepts (background art, scenes, environment concepts)
  • 70-100$ for all of the above (full-body character with background/mechs)

Mix and matches accepted

For instance, if you wanted a sketch of a character riding a bike, I would come up with a bike design, character design, and charge 10$ for the whole sketch of the character and the bike. Fully rendered would be around 50$, but with a background added in, I would charge 120-150$ something like that. Of course, I am flexible with prices, so if you are on a tight budget I wouldn't mind giving you a discount in exchange for some clout or whatever XD


So, considering that I'm still a minor, I will not accept NSFW commissions.

If you wouldn't show it to your grandma, you can bet I would decline any commissions asking for this. Sorry!

If you aren't happy with the work, worry not, refunds are cool.

You can message me for more details or questions here on newgrounds, or through instagram (where you can also check out my work!)

Alternatively, you can also reach me through email, skreltaskrelta@gmail.com

Thanks for taking the time to check this out, have a good one!