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aight lemme' just quote stuff from my fiverr;

hey, you there! yes you! do you want some fresh new compositions for your upcoming game? do you have some musical ideas but you don't know where to go with it? if it's compositions you want, then i'll be your man for the job, i'll be up for the task.

whether it be 8-bit music, experimental music, or just music in general. and if it's not in my range? simple, i'll gladly expand it for both you and me :)

so what are you waiting for? hit me up and i'll see how i can make your ideas into reality

ah yes people you heard it right. i will make any piece of music you want, not just for your upcoming game, but just for anything really. (animations, to impress your friends, etc.) i, for one, can tell you i am self-taught with three years worth of experience in making somewhat decent music. i can touch most genres, except for the ones that require me to play "real instruments" as i'm just a keyboard composer :p

here are some commisions i did before this, all being met with positive responses

so, you like that and you want to hit me up to compose or whatever? contact me through my NG or through email at masterofthepinecone@gmail.com. my rates are 5$ per track, and yes paypal will be used for said transaction.


Bio: Hey! I'm Max. I mess around with electronic music and make abstract things from time to time, and I can also compose regular music. I had a bit of practice working with developers and made some music for a couple of projects. I'm currently looking build a portfolio and get more experience, so I'm willing to work for lighter fees. If you're interested, I can make you a short, free of charge demo track, to see how I match with the project!

My music:



My minimal fee is $15 per minute of finished track. (Depends on complexity of what you want.) [PayPal only]

Discord: Maranax#6705

Mail: maxergun@gmail.com

Looking forward to be working with you!


Yo! I'm Akio Dāku (Bo Marcus)

I'm a Bassist, Vocalist, Composer, Lyricist and Audio Engineer. I've been performing, composing and producing music for over 16 years. Here are some examples of my personal work;

here's an example of my session bass playing;

and finally here's my voice acting reel:

If I can be of service in anyway, please don't hesitate to drop me a DM or email me at akiodaku@gmail.com


I'm a self-taught musician who's been making music for around 7 years. I'm able to do many different genres (and love experimenting with ones I'm not so familiar with). I'm open to working on both SFW and NSFW projects.


Here on NG, or on discord (Damare#0137) or via email (notdamare@gmail.com).


My standard rate is $100 USD per minute of finalized music, but don't hesitate to reach out, I understand not everyone can afford such a rate so I'm open to negotiation.

Work Samples:

My portfolio can be found here, it's a private playlist of multiple crossfades using songs I've made. Lots of genres are included to showcase diversity. Link: https://soundcloud.com/notdamare/sets/portfolio/s-ndcjaGvpY76

Thanks for reading/listening!


Hi everyone,

I've been a musician and a member of Newgrounds for a few years and now I think the time is right to look for someone that may be interested in my music. I'd like to work on different kinds of project that could be games, as well as short films (animation, too) or even podcasts, you name it.

You can listen to my work here:


So far I've published an instrumental album which you can find here:


Feel free to write me down to discuss about your project and the kind of music you're looking for. I'm always open to explore new territories.

My fee is negotiable, but if you're low on budget and I really believe in your project I might also work pro bono, for the sake of creating something special.




Hello Voice over artist trying to make your ideas come to life. Please feel free to contact me I can send you my demo reel upon request. Also if you need help writing or some background music I can do that as well. I work in genres ranging from classical/orchestrated to jazz and hiphop lofi etc... I look forward to connecting with you guys.



I'm an experienced composer who's fairly new to freelancing and Newgrounds. I mainly make orchestral game like music, but I can make chiptune as well.

You can check mu music out on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/Crabanor

I'm pretty flexible with pricing, just contact me and we'll discuss

You can contact me on Discord: Crabanor #3504

Or you can message me here on Newgrounds


Hi, my name is Mishko Lalko, I am still learning to be a composer and I will be glad to your suggestions. You can listen to some of my works in my profile or here (Poop, subconscious, Pang, forgotten dream, Purple).

The price for my work you set yourself, from free to $ 1000. :D (price for finished work)

If you need music and write me a message or my gmail: mishko.lalko@gmail.com

Thank you for your attention, have a nice day. ^-^


hi stinkies i got a piano here but zero reason to finger the bad boy

here's some sample tracks. i try my best to be as expendable as possible when it comes to mood/style. just ask and i'll see what i can do!


coked out


if any of this has enticed you, check my soundcloud out.


Hello everyone, I'm a freelance music producer / composer and have 6 years experience in audio engineering and have produced various genre of music such as EDM, hip-hop, rock, metal, video game soundtrack, podcast intro, and so on.

My services are :

  • Music production (It means that I will listen to your idea, composing, mixing, mastering until the final music is finished and delivered to you)
  • Mixing & mastering
  • Vocal tuning & Pitch correction
  • Podcast audio editing
  • Or any custom request related to audio engineering services you have in mind

My rate are varied depend on the request and project, feel free to ask me to discuss the rate about your project. Payment will be done through PayPal or TransferWise. For further benefit, sometimes I deliver free songs to my past clients whenever I have spare song that I made for fun.

Feel free to ask me anything via PM or email at schia.music@gmail.com

You can visit my website to see some of my portfolio here : https://schiamusic.wixsite.com/home/music