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Gimme your sick fantasies for some muns! I'm opening temporary quickcoms: $50 it gets done. If you want something more than a quick commission I can give a longer price listing. I need to stretch my creator hole a bit with some out of the box stuff. Only two rules:#1 no scat and #2 consent. Same rules I have in real life but my dom calls the shots and we have a safety word. Please if you'd like to support my work I have a patreon or you can direct message me for requests.

Now que ACDC's dirty deeds done dirt cheap remix. I feel like nightcore of that would have a samba feel.


Heya so I'm Shanlix. I kinda make music since uh, 2015, maybe I'm not that great yet but hey, I'm trying to earn something!

Commissions: Open

1 min song: 5$

3 min song: 10$

5-6 min song: 15$

I can take all of my time to make some songs so, sometimes it takes days, or just it costs inspiration. So it's worth it, I'm trying to earn something for my life alright? Payment is done on PayPal. And only PayPal. If interested, consider contacting me on my Discord: Shanlix#3225


Hello everyone,

I am now doing any kind of music commissions! I'm good at producing House, Psytrance, Trap/hybrid trap, hardcore/Hardstyle, future core, j-core, drum and bass, chip tune and moombahton. I'm also good at writing piano pieces/melodies.

I will do: personal song, game Ost, jingles, sfx's (synthetic), remix/remake of your favorite song (preferably edm), Write an melody.


Personal song: 15$ ( 4-5 minutes)

Game Ost: discussable (depends on length and quantity)

Jingle: 5$ (5 seconds)

Sfx's: depends on quantity

Remix: 10$

Remake: 15$

Melody (8 Bars): 2$

You will get a high quality wav file for the songs and a extra midi file for the melodies.

It's important for me, that you're satisfied with the result, so please tell me if you want to change anything and I will be more than happy to provide you with the best possible service :). Of course, if you wish to costumize your order, feel free to message me here on Newgrounds or send me an email: kayozxx@gmail.com

I'm also very active on Instagram: @kayozkun_official

I speak fluent English, German and a little bit of Spanish.

I look forward to working with you! :D



Hi! I offer music comissions to anyone :

20-30 € for a normal song

40-80 € for working on the soundtrack of your videogame , animation or webcomic (price depends on the number of tracks and the complexity of them)

For more information, check this post on my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAXEFyPgS0U/?igshid=uu9pd4301f86

Thanks for reading! I hope we can work together!


Hi there! Im opening the comissions season for art and sculpting!!!

Heres some terms!

For Art: Scetch 25$

Fullbody 60$

Coplete artwork with complex background 100$ or more, depends on complexity.

Artwork examples here https://www.artstation.com/ekaterina-ushakova

For sculpting: Starting price 40$, price is negotiatible, but strongly depends on size and complexity.

Sulptures here https://www.artstation.com/victoru

Lets Rock!!! iu_108145_7655986.jpg