Hey guys, I'm a new (ish) artist here, long time lurker (I was basically raised on this site, don't think I'll ever burn the clock crew from my mind )

Since the lifeblood of this site is animation, I would love to try my hand at some background work ie. Layout, linework and color. Free of charge! (Please credit me lol) I'm trying to get into that professionally, and since everything is in lockdown, well, I'm gonna try my hand here. I'm also open to trying concept art, so if you've had something in mind that you can't quite pin down, it is more than welcome. (Keep in mind, the trade off is that I get to use these assets for my portfolio, if that's no bueno for you, sorry)

My portfolio is www.cespinosart.com

If I can speed up your process at all, DM ME!


Hello everyone, I have made music for a few years now and I want to expand my experience. So far, I had only made tracks based on the shows I watch and the games I play, some times if I have an idea in my head as well. I want to help you on projects based on games or shows. If you are working on a project that's animated or a game, please let me know. I have a few samples on my Newgrounds profile if you need references. I'm not willing to work unpaid, as I want to look at this as a career path and do not want to work for free. If you took the time to read this, please hire me for your current/future projects. Thank you.


hello my name is Rodrigo and i am looking for work or be friends with artists on newgrounds, i am trying to be a Voice Actor, if anyone wants to work with me or collab, leave a comment or talk to me on my Twitter.



I'm Ahurac, a 15 yo french music producer, and my biggest dream is to make music for a video game! If you're struggling with finding no copyright songs that fit perfectly with you projet, stop seeking :) I can do custom sounds for free! You can obviously check my work to get an overview on my Newgrounds page, but here is some links to make it easier :D

Message me if you're interested!


Heyoh im down to be a part of some projects at the moment mostly for concept and character designing... check out my page to see my style and vibe! I am Also capable of creating beats! to contact me quicker dm me on my instagram @ po.yoh


I'm looking for someone to help me finished my nsfw comic that could redraw characters background and their position. If u r interested, find me on discord (swagiest_of_the_star#8404) and on Twitter (@ofswagiest). In return, i could probably help u on any nsfw/sfw stuff u need!iu_90913_7162466.jpg


Hey if anyone needs help with coloring, lineart, or simple grunt work in the FF7 animation im down to lend a hand. I draw art peaces feel free to check me out👍


Hello all! I am a 2D Unity Programmer looking to work on projects just to have more notches under my belt.

I'm willing to work on simple and easy projects for free and as the scale of your project increases I'd require compensation due to the amount of work that goes into large project programming.

So any upcoming artists who need help on their first projects, I'm more than willing to help!

I do have some important conditions to mention before we work together though!

~ You must already have everyone else you need for your project before I start working, I don't want to hop on to a stagnant project that doesn't get anywhere and my effort be wasted.

~ Even if paid, I can't promise I'll be full-time on your project because I already have a full time job that keeps me busy.

~For certain aspects adding art/animation into unity to program, it has to be made in a way that'd work for your vision and into Unity, so you'll have to be willing to work with me on optimizing your assets to make them easier for me to work with!

I look forward to hearing from and working with you

  • Requested commissions may not be explicit in nature or go against the laws of said nature. For example, hardcore NSFW, hate symbols/propaganda, racism, self harm, harm towards minors, sodomy, etc. Requests that do not meet these guidelines will be dropped/ignored. Paid requests that do not meet these guidelines will be refunded promptly.

  • In regards to OCs, commissions will be posted once a month unless stated that the commission be kept private. Commissions may not be mere byproducts of officially licensed T.V., comic book, video game or manga characters (i.e. mashups, fusions, etc.) unless a specific character is requested, or if the OC in question has that universes aesthetic.


- $10.00USD LINE ART

- $15.00 B/W SHADED




- +$2.00 DETAILED BACKGROUND (applies to all options)






FULL COLOR/DETAILEDiu_81094_7315742.jpg

  • When emailing/PMing me, requests must be detailed and punctual in order to prevent confusion and possible mistakes, and to ensure that the project is completed with no problems.

ok, time to update this. I’m open for collabs with anyone, keeping in mind that I don’t have any software except for Logic Pro which I’m still trying to learn how to use. I make my songs with a synthstrom deluge, which is super easy and extremely fast, but it has its limits.

if you like my music, I can try to make you a song for FREEEEE. Please check through what I’ve made so you know what to expect. Message me and I’ll get back to you.

Edit: I’ll review your song and give feedback.