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I'm open to any kind of commission, NSFW included. Here's a breakdown of what I'll charge. Feel free to look at my other works to get an idea of my style and ask any questions you may have.




If you're interested in some lewd commissions instead, click here.

Send me an email, PM, DM, discord, whatever's most convenient for you and we can discuss further!


hello my name is Rodrigo and i am looking for work or be friends with artists on newgrounds, i am trying to be a Voice Actor, if anyone wants to work with me or collab, leave a comment or talk to me on my Twitter.


Hi! my name is Payaazz, I'm a NSFW illustrator (SFW too) and Concept artist and I'm opening my commissions for the first time here! If you want me to do an illustration or a character design, DM ME! All the basic information is this Price Sheet <3


It's on EUR so if you have other currency make the change to yours. If you prefer, i'm on Twitter, you can contact me there too.If you have some doubt, talk to me. I'm quick at drawing if you ask.(2-3 days)

If you can't see clear the little text, there is the full res version in my account as a art post, sorry for the inconvenience.


I do 3D art in Blender. I've studied this program and art theory a lot and I am sure that I can provide you quality work for a reasonable price. I only take commissions for jobs that I am good enough at so the results end up as something I would be satisfied with as a customer.

Past projects:

I do:

3D illustrations of hard surface objects

Reference buildings based on your preferences/blueprints for your own projects

Optimized assets for games / Less optimized but more detailed assets for animations

Private lessons on a weekly basis for most of the basics and tricks I use to achieve my work

I don't do those because I am not good enough at them to provide quality work (yet):

Sculpting of organic shapes like characters or animals





I am working on improving in the categories I don't commission in yet so they will slowly become available as well. Pricing will be discussed privately, but since 3D art requires a lot more time and expensive hardware to create & polish than drawings my work starts at 50 euros (around 60 USD), increasing with the complexity of the product. I dedicate from 8 to 14 hours daily for days, even weeks in a row to achieve the results I have and as a human I must eat something and live somewhere. A part timer at McDonalds makes a lot more than I do on those pieces, so I would not call them expensive for the work put into them. The price is intended for personal use, a commercial license is 200%.

The private lessons are 5 euros (around 6 USD) per hour and you require a microphone, a discord account and to be able to speak and understand english or romanian.

Contact me through Newgrounds messages or on Discord ( EinMeister#4035 ) if interested.


Hi there! I'm an animator / artist. I also do quite a bit of voice acting. I'd simply like anyone interested in having creative work (sans music; I'm far too underqualified to even dabble in such) to reach out to me and let me know what they need. It doesn't necessarily have to be for pay, but if it's too much of a foreseeable undertaking for me to help with something, I probably will start discussing prices; please talk to me about it, though! I'm harmless and just want to have creative experiences in the time period between now and when I die!

Need a background artist for a cartoon? Let me know! I've done that!


Need an animator to inbetween your cartoon or possibly add little touches or clean things up a bit? I might just do it! I've done that! (pardon the titty-ladies as I finish this by the way)



Need some artwork cleaned up in general? I might give you a hand! I've done that!


Also if you need anything written, I like coming up with ideas; why not bounce off of another human being with similar interests to stir up that kind of creative energy? It can be mutually beneficial to us.

TL;DR: If you want me to help you with something, DM me; at the very least we could have an interesting conversation and potentially exchange pleasantries in such a manner as to bridge a few of the gaps in our creative endeavors and I don't see anything wrong with that!

Let me know,

  • Shellfish

...Apparently you can't just put a hyphen on Newgrounds without it turning into a bulletin point so how about that?


Hi! Im currently new to the whole Art commission business but if you´re interested in lewd Art of your favorite Character, hit me up :)

  • Full Body Sketch 5$
  • Full Body Colored 10$




I am currently open to commissions for fractal art, see my gallery for examples. Will only accept payment once you're happy with finished product.

If you want something other than what is listed, you're going to have to try to be vague with themes and prompts as the chaotic nature of fractals can be hard to control.

Blooms: $30


Psychedelia, pop art, and cubism: $50


Space art: $75


Mathematical tiles: $50-100 (I'm still learning different techniques and formulas regarding this.)


You can also request to purchase exclusive (other than relinquishing my own rights) rights to use my art for commercial purposes (album/magazine covers etc), the price for this is based on the art, what it was made with, and how long it took to make it. 'Plains of Celestia' and 'Autumn' have been sold.


if you want a cozy kind of illustration or just a drawing of your character, text me!iu_243659_8656781.jpgiu_243660_8656781.jpgiu_243661_8656781.jpg



Fine with doing some NSFW as well, for more details PM me

I will draw OCs

$10 additional for backgrounds

More work examples



Full time artist, mainly draw furry/pony but open to many other themes and topics!

Aside from my profile here, you can find my work and i on https://twitter.com/AcrylicBristle , https://www.furaffinity.net/user/acrybristle/ and https://derpibooru.org/profiles/AcrylicBristle .

You can DM me on any of those profiles or my Discord @AcryBristle#1700 with details on what you'd like for me to draw, payment will be sent through Paypal, please provide your e-mail so i may send you an invoice.

If you'd like to request a commission, my prices are as follows:

One character will be,

$20 for a sketch commission

$30 for lineart

$40 for flat colors

$50 for simple shading

$60 for fully colored and fully shaded

$90 (Depending on complexity) for all of the above plus a fully colored and shaded background

Any additional character, will be priced the same as the previous rates with $3 off.

Again, i'll draw mostly anything, the only things i am hesitant on drawing is anything like:



Heavy gore

But again, feel free to just ask me and we can discuss :)


So, that's my price.

I do not work with complex backgrounds and try not to tackle the furry. If you want to order a picture, write in private messages - there we will discuss the details.



I am up to do animation, drawings, writing (if needed), and voice acting(do not own quality equipment). I do collabs that are not NSFW.

I’m open to either doing paid or free work, but if this is a paid project I desire to be paid fairly.

If interested DM me on newgrounds!


I have CHEAP commissions with unlimited slots!

ALL THE DETAILS HERE: https://fransi1313.wixsite.com/portfolio/comisiones

Here are some examples of my best!








  • Bust 30 USD
  • Half Body 50 USD
  • Full Body 70 USD

All of these prices are fully colored and rendered

Extra character for

  • Bust 18 USD
  • Half Body 30 USD
  • Full Body 42 USD

I Will Draw:

Furry, NSFW, Futa, Trap, Loli, Shota, Most fetishes (ask)

Price can vary depending on complexity or if you want a background



I'll ask for revision for all drawings

  • first one in the sketch phase
  • 2nd one in the line art / basic color phase
  • last one when its almost done and want some minors adjustments


My past commissions that I haven't uploaded Here

Add me at discord: Dcoda #8030


Contact me via: DMs here in Newgrounds


send me an e-mail at :


the fastest response it's via Discord

All through paypal


I'm open for commissions on about everything, I learn very quickly so if there's a thing I'm not totally familiar about I can research and improve at while I'm hired

  • For music:

I started in percussion specializing in mallets but I excel in Jazz guitar, I can handle myself in about any genre and stringed or percussion instrument and I'd work on either instrument parts of a song (improvisation was my highest quality in jazz) or an entire song for a higher price, the price also being affected by length.

  • For Programming:

I'm a c++ writer with some experience and certification in cyber security and a little experience in Java and Flash; Commissions for coding might be higher because there's a lot more effort for me to handle with programming and some complexities take a lot of work for me to solve.

  • For writing

I'll charge with negotiation, I'm better at dialogue and poetry more than other stuff but I'm sure I could write to your content.

  • For voice acting

I'm about up for anything, I'm pretty good at impressions and mimicry and have a pretty large vocal range, but my microphone is a weirdly setup iRig mic

  • But my pride and what I believe I'm best at is my art and animation

I'm a painter, luthier, and animator. My pricing is negotiable with animations and paintings since I'm new to that scene with not many paintings under my belt, but my luthier work is most likely my most expensive. For guitars or string instruments you and I can discuss the design and electronics/features and I'll give you a good price, after payment is when I start working on it.

Everything's going to be listed to better detail in separate categories on my carrd.co

Thanks for reading


Hello everyone! I'm ibraM from Denmark, and I'm currently selling illustrations in manga/comic style on Fiverr.

I'm going to illustrate whatever you'd like in manga/comic style.

These illustrations can be:

  • character designs, 
  • thumbnails, 
  • comic book panels, 
  • posters, 
  • covers 
  • and much more! 

All you need to do is tell me what you want drawn, and I'll do it! (I don't draw nude/sexual content).

Click here to order now




hi all, i go by dran and i am a full-time artist currently. i am open to do art commissions and specialize in a comic-cartoony art style though i can be flexible in terms of art style if needed. things that i am proficient in are: character design and creating a unique flare in illustrations.

if you would like to commission me for something please feel free to reach out!

atm prices are 10 for a character and 15 with added color and shading.

other than characters i can also do abstract, which is 10 for b/w and 15 for color/shading.

examples of my artwork is on my profile if you would like to see, thank you!

please email me at drannybolt@gmail.com for questions or commissions.


iu_80927_7767888.jpgA portrait - 30 USD !!!iu_80928_7767888.jpgFULLBODY art of your character (HUMAN OR FURRY) 35 USD!!!

You can see other examples of my art in the profile. For exact prices contact me in DM. I do NSWF too!


i am a good animator and available for work


Hi, I just joined Newgrounds and I'm looking for work doing commissions and production work for games.

I've been making art for almost 5 years now and want to take my passion to the next step. I can use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Clip Studio and I can also create Game UI elements using Illustrator and After effects.

I prefer drawing stylized characters but I'm more than capable to do environmental designs nonetheless. If you're interested, shoot me a message to discuss any opportunities you may have for me. Cheers!


Commissions open,(see profile for work examples) flat rate for anything digital 50$ will be rendered or sketched in procreate depending on what you want. (Pay-pal only) post approval payment means your absolutely satisfied with the piece before you settle the bill and I send over the desired file type upon payment. I don’t dottle and I start bouncing ideas and revisions in a hurry. My only request is to use the piece as an example of my work on social media. If not thats just fine I pride myself on my ability to keep my clients anonymous when they do not wish to be associated with my brand of deb ochery, and from a professional and social standpoint I think we can both agree theres a time and place for everything and I clock in after hours lol .

Don’t hesitate to ask me to draw anything nsfw/sfw I enjoy the process. Also I am open to revisions till the item in question exceeds your expectation so make my job easier by providing any reference you think best illustrates what you want captured. Any subtle details, proportion requirements, background preferences, color pallet, facial expressions etc., will make the process a-lot faster. I look forward to working with you.

And thank you for choosing Voyeur pillar for all your illustration needs. I hope you look forward to seeing your idea come to life as much as I enjoy drawing it for you!


Hi! I am Threshersaurus Rex. I wish to collaborate with anyone who needs to do something. You just need some patience and time for me to do them. I can animate in 2D to 3D, can do voice acting, could write stuff, and do some sweet artwork. I do however have some restrictions. For 1, keep the age rating at E-T since my content is like that. Another thing is you have to be patient because I have other things to do. Keep in mind that my animation skills are work in progress that I keep improving but you can help me with that and even though my art work is good(depending on your view), I still improve. I fix and patch my work but I can help you with any project as long as It follows some of my restrictions. If you want to collaborate or do art with me, then message me. This is absolutely free as I don't need the money. You just need to credit me and have fun.


Never posted before so I'm not sure how this works, but I'm open for commissions if anyone is interested.

Feel free to message on any of the platforms listed on the sheet :)

More information located on my Commission Sheetiu_171113_7167068.jpg



I'm new to Newgrounds community and Art community at all.

I was hiding in the closet and recently I decided to search for some opportunities to get some exp.


[level one pigglet]

I'm open for free commissions to have some fun and learn.

I can do 2D art - cartoon/manga style. I can also try my strength with simple animations.

I didn't upload a lot of Art yet, so you can checkout my instagram.




I will do art for your visual novel, but in return I would like for you to be a reference for my job resume. This would include having your full name, email address, and phone number on it.

I can draw NSFW, gore, furries, etc.

I am not experienced in drawing mecha and backgrounds, but I can try

My instagram is https://www.instagram.com/komma_komon/ to see all of my work


Hey guys,

I am opened for commissions and looking for some pretty cool projects to work on. I like to create fanarts, but also do OC's and redesigns. I am skilled in using Unity to create games, photoshop, and work with teams.

I do:

  • OC
  • Redesign
  • Backgrounds
  • Icons
  • Stickers
  • NSFW
  • Human/Furry

I don't do:

  • Overpainting in other artists pieces except having authorization
  • Gore/vore or any weird explicit violence fetich
  • Subjection related to gender violence
  • Homophobic/transphobic/pedophily/zoophily content


Commissions: around 25$ up to 300$ (it depends on the project so let's talk).

Tasks patch: 200$ up to 500$ (only 5 tasks at most).

Tasks patch (month): 500$ up to 1000$ per month (let's talk about the project needing).

*Please, to know more about me and my work, check out my Instagram(@mucciart_) and Tiktok(@mucciart)!

TXS! <3


  • What can I draw?

I draw in a variety of art styles and am willing to draw any character, fetish, or portrait. I specialize in anime-style female figure drawing, but I have done anything from a lizard man drinking in a tavern to realistic portraits of BTS.

This includes:

-Pixel Art



-Monster girls

-OCs/DnD characters


-Feet, slime, bukkake, straight, gay, futa, traps, vore, gore, and IDFC.

-Wholesome stuff <3

-Short webcomics

  • Looking to Trade Art?

We can discuss details in DMs, but generally, this would consist of drawing each other's original characters or fanart of a character of our choosing. Depending on your style and what you're willing to draw will decide what I draw for you. (for example; line art for line art, full body for full-body, simple background for simple background).

  • Looking to Collaborate?

This is best for people who might enjoy coloring more than drawing line art or vise versa. I can draw line art for you to color or color your line art. If anyone is willing to add some animation to something I draw that could be cool too!

  • Looking to Commission?

If you are looking to pay for someone to draw your comic ideas, bring your original characters to life, materialize your fetish fantasy, create a personalized icon, or draw your favorite video game character, this is the option for you.

  • What are my commission prices?

Here's my chart:



I don't charge extra for specific fetishes, and on average; a fully shaded, full-body, and fully detailed background anime-style drawing will cost $80USD.


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