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Ɛ> Like the title suggests, Im doing commission work on Fiverr! <3

My gigs are the following:

  • Cute Animal Profile Picture
  • Drawing your OC (SFW/NSFW)
  • Drawing Your favorite Animal Crossing Villager/Drawing your own Animal Villager

The last two gigs are fairly new because I need to raise enough money to pay off my Community College classes (and save up enough for my children's flight cage,,)

Im also willing to do commission work on NewGrounds!

Ill only have 20 slots open so that way I can manage my commission orders better!


Prints like these will start at $30 USD, though theres a few things I wont draw, like:

  • Fetishes
  • Derogatory Images
  • Anything hurtful or Offensive to others (i.e. racism, homophobia, etc.)
  • Gore P*rn
  • Real people in s*xual positions (Characters in live action shows/films are an exception)
  • Politicians

Everything else is pretty much okay! If you are interested, please contact me either on my private messages here on NewGrounds, or you can contact me at honeydumelon@hotmail.com!

Cant wait to do business with you!

~Honey :]