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I'm a video editor skilled in Adobe Premiere and After Effects looking to expand my resume by doing some free video editing jobs for the next month or so.

Here's some things to know before messaging me:

  1. NOTHING TOO LONG - I'm willing to edit up to a maximum of 30-40 minute videos and projects, such as but not limited to; Short films, YouTube videos, Trailers, Promos, Ads and anything in between - but I will not do feature length projects, long commitment or animation heavy projects (to an extent) as those are far more time consuming and take up waaaaay too much resources for me to handle as a free project.
  2. FLEXIBLE DEADLINES - I'll do my best to meet deadlines but these deadlines need to be reasonable as to assure I have the time to make a high quality edit (This is for my resume after all) and because video editing is a long and tedious process, there should be some understanding and room to allow me the time to make your video look good so a set but flexible deadline would be ideal.
  3. ONE PROJECT AT A TIME - I'll work to up to 2 projects at a time, since that allows me to devout at least half a day for one project and the other half for another. But more than that would be too taxing and I'll let you know the current amount of projects I have.
  4. CREDIT ME - I'd wish to be credited for my work, regardless of length, so I can get my name out there. This is me offering my services for free so I'm literally looking for exposure so at least give me that courtesy.
  5. I HAVE THE RIGHT TO DECLINE - Projects like porn or graphic material (i.e. shit you'd find on HeavyR or LiveLeak) I refuse to do and I expand this to anything else I might find personally objectionable.
  6. TRY TO SEND HIGH QUALITY FOOTAGE/AUDIO AND MAKE SURE YOUR DIRECTIONS AND WANTS ARE CLEAR - This is self-explanatory but I don't want to taste time and I'd like if if you choose to accept my services to make sure you have a clear vision and at least some form of written directions and/or script for me to follow. I don't want to make shit up because I don't know what you want unless you explicitly tell me that's what you want me to do. Also, high quality footage/audio will help since I can easily manage it and I don't need to worry about that aspect too much. If you send me low-quality 420p camera footage shot vertically, I'm going to have to decline. Sorry man.

Anyways, feel free to hit me up. I'm willing to do what I can to help anyone in need of an editor and hopefully expand my resume a bit.