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I've been working in game audio for about 10 years, got my start right here on newgrounds working on music and sound effects for games and animations. You can take a look at my portfolio here as well as my website, where you can also find information on pricing and some initial questions I like to ask before starting a project so I can get the best idea of your needs and how to better serve them!

My website is: https://www.zachstriefel.com

You can also listen to some samples of my work via my soundcloud:

Although you can message me here, keep in mind that I don't check my inbox here very often, so the best way to reach me would be via email: info (at) zachstriefel (dot) com



Do you have an idea that you just cant get just right? Would you like to see your OC have a complete makeover or just want some scantly clad women swinging large phallic swords over their heads? Then let me open my services to you. I will work with you to create something unique, just send me a note here on DA for details.

currently accepting payments via paypal.


Commissions are once again open! 

CONTACT EMAIL: biowaresucks@outlook.com


Sketch - £20

Lined - £30

Flat Colour - £45 

+ £20 per extra character

+ £10 min for backgrounds, depends on detail.



- Please be specific with what you want. (Sketched, Coloured, Shaded, How many characters, etc.)


- Payments must be made up front

- Include references for OCs or characters in general

- Feel free to ask for progress on your commission!


- Rape

- Gore

- Underage

- Piss/Scat/Diapers, etc.

- Real People


Hello there! I am maidfrills, but you can call me Frills! I am curently open for commission work and would love to find new jobs! If Interested along with my rates is a form you can fill out, here:


Public Commission Queue:


Or you can contact me at heartapron@gmail.com

I look forward to working with you! <3



Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to read this. This site has been really nice since I joined.

Anyways, this is what I ussually work like.

There are three knd of pictures I mght do.These are:

-Commissions pictures: The ones you pay for and nothing else

-Patron Requests: The one you pay for, but in a montly subscription in Patreon (Has other benefits other than just this)

-Original Work: Just anythng I might do by myself.

On regard of Patreon, here's the tier reward list (Some of these will appear starting next year)

1st tier: Access to timed exclusive Pics. You'll see the pic 1 week before anyone else.

2nd tier: Same as before. %5 discount on commissions

3rd tier: Same as before. The right to vote on Patreon polls. Acess to .clip's (monthly). YOu can see the extra timed exclusive pic TWO weeks before anyon else. A colored sketch pic (Only once)

4th tier: Same as before. The right to suggst a character for the polls (Public and privates ones)Montly manga colored request.

Regarding what you ask for (both in Patreon Requests and Commissions), These are the rules:

General (both commissions and requests)

-For OC's reference of the character must be provided.

-NSFW is allowed, as long as it doesn't onvolve any kind of pedo stuff, guto, vore, vomit, etc.

-Any pic is open to a discussion. With this I man have the right to declne something that is not on this list, but also means that stuff like a sky or dissembodied parts (like dicks) is also open to discussion whnever i hav to charge for them or not. (mostly not).

Patreon Requests:

-Mostly the same as before

-It can only be one character. Disembodied parts ar okay too.

-The pic will be done once I finsh any pendng commission. You'll be nformed of everything, tho

-I charge upfront in Patreon. That means that, for example, if you join th 20th of may, you'll be charged automatcally. BUT, it also means that you can ask for your rewards automatically. that means two rewards in less than two weeks in this scenario.


Regarding commissions:

-I charge Upfront. That means that I wont start working unless s fully payed. Although I might send refunds (See below)

-Regarding refunds, they wont be made if there isnt a reasonable reason or if worked on the pic long enough (At least, started paiting it). In any scenario, I'll keep a small amount of it depending the cost. It wont be too much, tho. $5 most of the time.

-I start with all the client's sketches at the same time and then finsh them in the order of who paid first.

-Commissions will ussually be delivered via the site w'll use to communicat AND Email (For high resolution).

-You can pay a little extra to receve the .clip file too.

-The pic is literally yours, and you can do whatever you want wth it. Although I'll pleas ask you not to remove the watermark and/or to please let people know I did it somehow.


That's mostly all. For any doubt, here are my sits and my commissions prices!

Hav a great day <3









Discord Server

Email: cheesoart@gmail.com


Thanks for looking for a commission. To avoid any misunderstanding please read the price list here below carefully. If you need additional information, send me an email to ganassa.commission@gmail.com. We will answer to all your questions!



Pinup Commission Rates

1 – Pinup Basic Price – Lineart (No sexual activity, no background, "artistic nude" is fine)

55 $ for each character in the image

2 – Background

No background / Single Element (a wall, a chair, ecc...) = 0 $ (No charge)

Simple background (internal or external) = 30 $

Complex background (internal or external, like panoramics or open space) = 60 $

3 – B/W/greyscale or Color (If you don't choose this option the page will be delivered only as lineart)

b/n/grey – 30 $

Color – 55 $

4 – Additional Features Price

The "Additional Features" is an option used when the commissioner request some additional

features or details that can create a bigger working load. WIll be valutated for each commission.

5 – Exclusivity (the piece will not be posted online by me or used on published or printed works, like Calendars or Prints)

Final Price X 1.5

Comic Commission Rates

Commissioning a pinup doesn't satisfy you anymore? Do you want something more special? Now you can have a "Comics Style" commission! Just write me the story or a general idea you would like to see (istance: "Ruby from "Wet" kicks some ass" or "Sakura will finally declare her love to Naruto") and i will draw a comics just for you!


1 – Basic Price Comics Commission style – Lineart (No sexual activity, artistic nude is fine)

- 115 $ per page

2 – Shadow or Color (if you don't choose this option the comics will do only as lineart)

- Just Shadow – 45 $

- Color – 90 $

3 – Exclusivity (the piece will not be posted online by me or used on published or printed works, like Calendars or Prints)

Final Price X 1.5


1 - Pinup Basic Price – Lineart (explicit sexual activity, no background)

90 $ for each character in the image

2 – Background

No background / Single Element (a wall, a chair, ecc...) = 0 $ (No charge)

Simple background (internal or external) = 30 $

Complex background (internal or external, like landscapes or open space) = 60 $

3 – b/w grey or Color (if you don't choose this option the piece will do only in lineart)

b/n – 30 $

Color – 55 $

4 – Additional Features Price

The "Additional Features" is an option used when the commissioner request some additional features or details that can create a bigger working load. WIll be valutated for each commission.

5 - Exclusivity (The piece will not be posted online by me or used on published or printed works, like Calendars or Prints)

Final Price X 1.5

Comic style commission rates

Commissioning a pinup doesn't satisfy you anymore? Do you want something more special? Now you can have a "Comic" commission! Just write me the story or a general idea you would like to see (instance: "Ruby from "Wet" kicks some ass" or "Sakura will finally declare her love to Naruto") and i will draw a comic just for you!


1 – Comic Commission Basic Price – Lineart (sexual activity)

- 135 $ per page

2 – B/W - Grey or Color (If you don't choose this option the page will be delivered only as lineart)

- B/n - Grey – 45 $

- Color – 90 $

3 – Exclusivity (the piece will not be posted online by me or used on published or printed works, like Calendars or Prints)

Final Price X 1.5


I'm open to other commission request and collaborations. Send me an email (ganassa.commission@gmail.com, "Subject: "Proposal") and i'll evaluate your proposal. Please be serious and detailed as possibile.


- The piece will be 100 % digital. I work with a tablet, so i will not mail you the original piece because it doesn't exist. I will send a high-res image file to your email.

- No existing people. I will not draw real people's faces, including you. You can ask for "Captain Jack Sparrow", but not "Johnny Depp".

- You can request a commission to ganassa.commission@gmail.com. Please write the type of commission you want (pinup commission or comic comic), which options do you choose (additional features, background, ...) and your idea. Please be as clear and detailed as possible.

- A commission request will be ignored if you request: underage characters, scat or guro. Violence is OK.

- Ways to pay the commission: up front or 50 % - 50 %. First 50 % ahead and then 50 % at the delivery of the piece.

- After your payment i will send you a sketch. That is the only moment i will correct the commission, except for coloring error or missing details.

- The rates are just a general guideline. Each commission is different so we will discuss the final price together.



Price Sheet (Updated)


-$55 Flat Colored 

-$85 Basic Cel Shading 


-$100 Flat Colored 

-$130 Basic Cel Shading 

Flat Colored Example: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/studiomakku/stream-sketch-for-cuehors-4

Cel Shaded Example: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/studiomakku/stream-sketch-for-oblivion363


-$5 Single Floating Cock (6 Max) 

-$5 Dialogue Bubble (3 Max)

-$10 Cum Edit 

-$15 Condom Fill 

-$30 X-Ray/Close-up Window 

-$70 Clothing Alt/Nude Alt




Coloring of lineart given by the commissioner 

  • Simple colors-12$
  • Full colors-25$
  • Full colors with background- 50$
  • Speedpaint video 10$ 

I can record and render a speedpaint video (HD formatting, mp4) of your commission and send it to you or post it on my youtube channel (fetish and nsfw art does not count, however)

  • Alters

Alternative versions of commissions will increase the price by either none, ¼ or 1/3 of the base price depending on the difficulty or quantity. Those are some examples:

  • Always free- Coloring, transparent versions, different sizes, cropped versions
  • Free unless they are a lot- Expressions, gestures, small body parts, fluids, overlaid items or held items, accessories
  • ¼-Partial body clothes, limbs
  • 1/3-Clothing sets.Clothes that coer at least all of the torso and part of the legs. 


  • 10 slots are open each month. With the month’s 1st reserved to Patreons only
  • The priority with getting slots applies when both a patron and a non-patron request at the same time, so non-patrons will not get their slot cancelled once it’s been obtained.
  • Slots are not applied to free art patron rewards!


  • I take free days every Wednesday and Sunday, working every other day


  • Very basic characters like small animals or mascots won’t be considered extras. Same with details such as flowers, staffs or small furniture.
  • Payment will be via paypal invoice.
  • When deciding the details of your piece, do not fear on giving away any background story or psychological aspects. I appreciate those.
  • NSFW is allowed. Some subjects, however, might be rejected. (Deciptions of real life people without consent and minors are never accepted)
  • Delivery will be by email unless otherwise specified.

Hi . Here is some information about my commission to clarify some doubts.

Link - https://twitter.com/Eduuux_Art/status/1102706475074572288/photo/1


Price Rates

  • 1 character full color- 35$
  • extra character -15$
  • Extra version -5$
  • Prices can Vary depending of image complexity
  • i dont make guro and very young lolis. the rest is Ok
  • Payment via PayPall

Contact Via Twitter/ NG Direct message Or email.

Plase check status if there are open for Commissions

Thanks and Have a Good Day. ;)


I mean, yeah, isn't that everyone at this point? D: I'll still be running for as long as I'm not run off, but since the search bar isn't even registering hentai, porn, or nsfw tagging....I mean...fuck. Here we are. Soooooo....This post is basically gonna be a copy of the Master post from there:

Hey, so I’m making this post, because I get a lot of questions with commissions, do’s and don’ts, emails…etc. So, Imma post this here, and probably put a link to it on the tumblr at some point so that it’s easier to direct later. But here are some ground things:

1. Don’t commission NSFW things if you’re below 18. If you do commission NSFW, I have to assume you’re 18, that you agree that you are, and that I’m not liable if you lie to me.  There. I have to get that one out of the way, because I’ve had some people try to slip by here. Please don’t.

2. Contact!

   EMAIL: abysmalzero_art@hotmail.com

   PAYPAL: Not posted here anymore since I send Invoices. :>

   Tumblr asks are fine! I won’t skype or message–this is not because I 

don’t enjoy all you lovelies, but mostly due to a lack of time in general.

3. Wills and Won’ts: NSFW things I’ll do. 

DOES:  Preggers, tentacles, oviposition, egglay, light bondage, most vanilla things

DOESN’T: Loli/Shota/Children (yes, this includes all tv shows, and goblin/orc/lalafell MMO characters that are in a questionable category), scat/heavy gore/vore/peeing/watersports, EXTREME exaggeration, actual people i.e. Cosplayers, celebrities, general internet personalities.  

Everything else is a matter of case by case, so feel free to ask! And SFW is fine.

4. Time and scheduling. Things like sketches are usually done pretty fast barring emergencies. For larger pieces usually a week. I do try to work between 10 AM to about 5 PM, and I try to take off weekends and holidays (I do have a family, and would like to see them once in a while. >.>) So, if you email me and it takes a couple days to get back, it may be because it was the weekend. But! I will definitely get back to you. ;3


All commissions are posted on this Tumblr, my DA pages (NSFW and SFW, depending on the circumstances), my Hentai Foundry page, Twitter and my FurAffinity page (this is where most Furry art ends up!). If that’s not okay, consider a private commission!

I can keep posts and commissions anonymous, in which case they will only be labeled commissions and if asked, that I don’t own the characters.

I DO TAKE PRIVATE COMMISSIONS! The ONLY caveat to this condition is basically, if I can’t post it, neither can the commissioner. :> This is to prevent theft!


These are subject to change depending on time it takes and cost of living etc. 

This is my full list: 

Sketches (No WIPS, no revisions, no BG)


Color Splash: $15 (solo only)

MC / BW sketches: $20 (+$15 for each extra person) (+$10 for alternates)(+$15 on Complex Armor)

Colored Sketches: $35 (+$20 for each extra person)($+15 for alternates)(+$20 on Complex Armor)

Full Illustrations (WIP at rough stage, 1 free revision, BG allowed) *


Line Art: $30 (+$15 for each extra)

Flats (line art + color): $50 (+$15 for extra)

Cel shading: $80 (+$15 for extra)

Character Sheets (WIP at rough and for outfits (if optioned), 2 free revisions) *


Front, Back, Palette, eye detail: $80

+$15 for each extra (3 expressions, outfit, equipment, etc.) 

* Illustrations and Character Sheets are currently limited to the one illustration slot that is on Patreon!

Pokemon Variation Sheets (SFW, No WIPS, no revisions *)

*they’re kinda just more for fun, so if you like what I’ve done and want to see a particular pokemon or a particular cross breed, this is the option!


$30 a sheet, includes the base pokemon + some variants 

Lastly, all commissions are for NONPROFIT uses only! If you want me to do something for like…tshirts etc. Feel free to message me and we can work something out! It’ll look nicer than a $10 sketch any who. ;3








The reward packs of my patreon from the last month are up on Gumroad, please take a look on it in the links below. This month in a two different packs: 2k one as 7 USD and 4k one for 15 USD, with variants and some surprises.

If you want to receive all the lewd with a big discount and also support my work, please take a look on my patreon, link below on the comments.

If you just want to see the lewd, don't worry because all my content is coming to my networks during the month.

Commissions: krabbycomishes@outlook.com

(Working with waitlist due to popular demand, please reserve your slot in advance. Thanks for all the support!)

Social Medias:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/krabbytheartist/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/krabbytheartist/

Pixiv: https://pixiv.me/krabby_comishes

Twitter: https://twitter.com/krabbytheartist

Hentai-Foundry: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/Krabby

Gumroad: https://gumroad.com/krabby

Patreon: https://patreon.com/krabby

Picarto: https://picarto.tv/Krabbytheartist

Piczel: https://piczel.tv/watch/krabbytheartist



Heyo, I'm opening up commissions!! I'll have all the info listed below:

Things I'll do:

☆ Human/Humanoid

☆ Animals/Mascots

☆ Robos/Mechs

☆ Furries

☆ Anything similar mentioned above

Things I won't do:

☆ NSFW Content

☆ Extreme Gore/Mutilation

☆ Fetishes

☆ Complicated/Detailed design

☆Anything similar mentioned above

If you have any questions or concern regarding the do's and don'ts, hit me up and I'll gladly clear anything up!!

Styles and Examples:

Example Sources: Full Body Patzi, Waist-up Patzi

Example Sources: Cell me and mascot

Example Sources: Bowsette, Chompette

All commissions would be full body with no background, if you're interested on doing bust or headshot, or interested on some sort of background element, let me know and I'll quote a new price based on those conditions.

Contact and Payment:

You can contact me through private message on here, Newgrounds, or if you prefer e-mail; spudenski @ gmail .com

Payment is done through paypal and up-front when I finalize the commission request.

Like mentioned in the beginning, if there's any questions or concerns, please contact me and I will gladly answer or clear anything up!!



COMMISSIONS OPEN!! - 5 slots per round


(I don't even know if this name is good for this type of layout but I'll stay with this one :v)

Take a look!



Hey, welcome to my page. You can download the majority of my stuff here:

Gallery Download


Or, get my stuff on Gumroad if you like it crispy.

If you're interested in commissioning me, here's all the info.

You can also find me on Twitter, it'll be my go-to post spot for now.

Have a good one.


I'm primarily a Madness fan artist but I can draw limbs if that's what you like.

Price is $25. DM if interested.




As the title says. Thanks for all of your support. :) 

Want a game? I can do it for you!


I have to keep things a little simple if I want to keep the pace, so please understand if I deny certain things…

Thanks for reading and if you are interested in a commission let me know…

I'll be doing 5 commissions each month... ask about availability


Commissions Prices and info can be found here!

But for quick reference here's my prices.


- Example

- $5-15 (Per Character)

Flat Colors:

- Example

- $40 (+25 Per Character)


- Example

- $50 (+25 Per Character)

Soft Shading:

- Example

- $75 (+35 Per Character)


I accept emails and payment through paypal from my email: cyancashmere@gmail.com

 (you can DM me on twitter as well)

ex. character prices range from $10-20

Things can be case by case, so negotiations and questions are always welcome, especially for minimalism, complexity sake. I begin working on a commission when payment has been received, and I will send progress in phases; visual references and poses are appreciated~

Thanks for taking the time out to read, sharing would help me greatly! 


Message me if you have any questions!

XPISigmaart on Twitter (where I post mostly)



XPISigma_art on Instagram 

Commissions starting at $5


Hey yall, commissions are open for good this time, or at least a long while. If interested, shoot me an email!


Hello dears!

I never expected to get a large amount of followers suddenly. Welcome and thank you for joining me here! I'm going to go ahead and open up commissions for personal voice-over but even I have my limits!

FeFe is open to recording all sorts of naughty lines and is open to most themes and fetishes, please make it clear what themes and/or fetishes are involved. My prices will depend on largely on what you're looking for, these prices are not representative of what I ask for for professional commercial work, only personal commissions.

Audiostories/Audiobooks - If I'm only voicing dialogue for one or multiple characters, I will only ask for $7 per line. But if I'll be doing narration, character dialogue, and editing, I will require $300 PFH (per finished hour). It's a lot of work yuh know? Of course, if you want completely raw files, it'll only be $150 PFH.

Moans/Sexual Sounds - $25 per minute!

Lines - You just want a few lines from FeFe? That's fine, $7 per line. Please don't come to me with less than five!

Singing related - So maybe you want FeFe to sing for you...$75 per minute.

Finally, because I am busy in both SFW voice-over and NSFW voice-over, I'm only going to have a few slots available at a time until all commissions are done. I know I'm an expensive girl but these prices help do well at what I love doing! Thank you for your time and if you have questions, don't be afraid to ask the FeFe!


You can always commission me!

Just fill this form and I'll be in contact with you really soon!



Interested in seeing a lewd parody of your favorite cartoon, comic, video game or whatev?

Feel free to send a pm or email [codenameduchess34@gmail.com]

If not then hey thanks for passing through. Enjoy the smut.


If you're interested, hit it up >here<.



You got a cartoon you're working on that needs a cool ass score/soundtrack to? Have a game that you want a slick OST? Maybe you want some cool rap beats to uh 'spit some heat to', as the kids say.


I've done the original soundtrack and music for toons like Duncan & Jones, I've threw together some albums, and uhhh I need some money lmao.

Here's a small little slice of what I been cookin, HOWEVER I am able and open to doing other styles of music.

If you don't feel like listening, the main styles I do are shit with piano, chiptunes, wacky hiphop, ambient-ish shit, and cool ass retro electronic. And like I said, if you ain't hearing anything suitable, I'm definitely open to doing new and different styles.

I been around the block a few times when it comes to making music for other people so things will hopefully go smoothly.


Usually things go for about 50$ USD per song, doesn't matter the length. HOWEVER that's very flexible. You want me to score a toon you made and make a bunch of music in a similar style/mood? I won't force you to pay 200$ for 4 songs like that, think of it like a bundle deal.

A loop would be priced in a similar way. It all matters on a case by case basis

Basically if you're cool, we'll find what works best and roll with it. If you're not cool, I'll still get you hooked up probably.


You can write me on Discord: ninja_muffin#9104

You can write me here on Newgrounds through PMs

You can write me through email: cameron.taylor.ninja@gmail.com

Out of all of these, I found Discord to be the most pleasant way, but do whatever works best for you!

So give me money thanks lmao i gotta feed my wife and kids and my dumbass grocery store job ain't givin me hours lmaooo



As I'm planning on going into full-time study (for animation) from next year, I have reopened commissions in order to help pay off some of the tuition fees.

Feel free to message me if you are interested in purchasing a commission, or would like more information on what I offer.





More examples of my art can be found on my Newgrounds page.


i do commissions. send me a message if youre interested (newgrounds, twitter, pixiv), and ill respond if i have time at the moment.

the drawings will be $20 per OC characters requested, $15 for non-OC character. There will be an additional $10 fee for every added character (or extra pose) on top of that. for non-OC charcters, i will add a $5 charge if two characters are not from the same francise/would not ever meet canonically.

i will accept payments to my paypal: mediocredraws@gmail.com.

here are a few notes:

  • you can pick your pose/outfit for your character, but more complicated ones may require more payment
  • i appreciate you sending me any pose references and other image reference. this just makes sure the drawing matches what you wanted
  • i cannot draw backgrounds, so don't expect much from me for backgrounds
  • i will send over a small sample preview before i ask for any payment
  • i will not post the drawing to my account(s) unless you permit me to
  • i will draw a furry character, but it'll cost $3 more than the normal price per character
  • i wont draw yaoi
  • i wont draw excessive gore, excessive violence, or extreme body deformation


im open to respond to any specific questions.

for those who are not interested, dont worry. i will still post whatever random new drawings i finish whenever they are drawn. thanks~

last edited 9/8/19

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