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hi !!!!! im interested in doing a drawing collab !! it would just be like.. the main fnf characters in a swag poster-like drawing and yea i just wanna try doing an art collab on newgrounds!!


  • please have art on ur profile (this is like the only requirement lol)
  • just dm me which character you would like to draw !!
  • preferably have art on your profile of the character you want to draw
  • the deadline would be like 2 weeks or something that should be enough time
  • u just have to make a cool fullbody with shading, ill do the background :D


senpai and spirit are tentative to be added!! dm if you really want to do them


Hi, my stage name is Razsmus, I am looking for people who specialize in art and programming at Friday Night Funkin'

It is a mod of the Auditor from the Madness Combat series, Here is the trailer :)

The day I publish the mod, we will give credit to each person who has helped with the project, in the mods community page and in-game, thank you very much.

Discord: Send me message.



Hello and good day everyone!

I am currently looking for people who want to join me in creating a Friday Night Funkin' mod based off a hit mobile game, "Where's my water?".

The mod itself will have a lot of content:

-3 stages with 9 songs in total

-4 special note types

-An animated cutscene at the start of 1st, 4th, 7th song and at the end of 9th

-And maybe more!

Everything will be remade to fit the FNF's artstyle with many references that will suprise new and old fans of this beloved mobile classic. The first "Where's my water?" game is 10 years old now! We are creating this mod with the intention of it being a nostalgic, tense, fun, and creative experience.

(The required specialities are listed in the image above)

You can also DM me to contact me if you want to:)


Im making a fnf vs exo world mod and i need help.

Here what im looking for:



Note chart


If you like to help please dm me on discord: stickman#4823

Here the offical mod twitter page: FNF vs Exo Worldiu_407236_8463209.webp


In English:

Hi, I'm Gatita234047, I want you to help me make a fnf mod, it's a good game, isn't it? Ok, I'll be honest, I don't have money to pay you, whoever wants to join is the best! ! please be kind, I don't want to get in trouble with a big community, please my character is female, a 10 year old girl last I show her, well I need a programmer, maybe an animator I don't think it's necessary I really don't know , a person who can make the voice of the character, and someone who can draw an artist !!! I would do it but I don't have what it takes, and I make the music, that's it, thanks for your attention, help and kindness, take care of yourselves =) and I work with people who speak English and Spanish.

En español:

hola soy Gatita234047, quiero me ayuden a hacer un mod de fnf, es un buen juego verdad no?, ok seré sincera no tengo dinero para pagarles, el que se quiera unir bienvenidos!!!, me gusta hacer equipo es lo mejor!!! , por favor sean amables, no quiero meterme en problemas con una gran comunidad, por favor ,mi personaje es femenino, una niña de 10 años al último se la muestro, bueno necesito un programador, quizás un animador creo que no es necesario realmente nosé, una persona que le pueda hacer la voz al personaje, y alguien quien la pueda dibujar un artista!!! yo lo haría pero no tengo lo necesario , y yo hacé la música, listo, gracias por su atención, ayuda y amabilidad, que se cuiden =) y trabajo con gente que hable en inglés y español.

La imagen - The picture:


Ella se llama Stella - Her name is Stella.