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Need a writer?

Hello. I'm a writer willing to make scripts, lyrics, dialogues or any written content that's needed in a collaborative project. My only restriction is that I'm not available for large-scale or long-term projects like games or series due to the greater attention that would demand of me; but otherwise if you think I could help you, feel free to message me!


Conceptual Artist looking to Team-up!

Hey there!

I'm Scaly, an artist who draws a lot of conceptual stuff from silly to lude, to horror. Mostly looking to collaborate with people on any projects they're working on and offer my hand at designing stuff as well as possible writing and voice over work.

I've done some old conceptual stuff as well as graphical assets for a few FNAF related projects such as character designs for a now scrapped early version of Popgoes 2 as well as prop/poster art for Eddie and the Misfits. I also did a lot of work around the Sunstone Game forums during the Colossal Kaiju Combat kickstarter for fellow users of their characters.

I'm not against graphic, gory, or sexually explicit artwork. For more of that reference material, feel free to message me and we can discuss the nature of what you're looking for. Keep aware that depending on what it is you want I may not be willing to draw it.

Besides my page, here's a few examples of sketches, and more detailed character concepts I've done :






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