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A group of us wrote a goofy ass collab and need a few more animators. Deadline: April 10th

Grandmaster Fulp is tired of being an outcast by the corporate owners of the world. Once he is challenged to a tournament arch by Corporate Inc, who wants to buy Fulp's soul, he fights along side of his Newground homies to make the world a better place.

NEED ANIMATORS FOR 3-15 second bits of Tom Fulp, in Bruce Lee's suit, punching katana wielding robot anime girls, the CEO of earth, or some other bits. We have a script, and there's a few spots open. Hollah at ya boi.

DM me here, or Dannygoodshirt@gmail.com -or- Join: DISCORD SERVER


I'm pretty established in other places like Reddit & Twitter but I think the community here is a bit more active in collaborations so I figured I'd make an attempt at laying some groundwork here and hopefully get mixed into some fun projects. I'm pretty proficient in sound design/editing and have actively been a hobbyist VA since ~2011. This is my final persona I plan to operate under.

Feel free to reach out here or in Twitter DMs!

Most of my NSFW content lives here on Soundgasm: Main Audio Archive


Hi! I'm looking to collaborate and create 2d pencil-drawn game assets(for free, obvously) For reference, here is an example of what i'm able to do:


If your game would benefit from a style such as this, dm me.


I’m just trying to keep busy I do commissions I’m a voice actor and I make Lofi Beats here and there if you ever want to collaborate or looking for someone with that does anything that is listed message me please.


Hey, I just wanna make music with other musicians because I find it to be a lot of fun experimenting with other people. I play the keyboard and started learning how to play the guitar a few days ago (I'm pretty shit at guitar as you'd suspect). I have a decent grasp of music theory; although, I'm still pretty amateur. I know major and minor scales aswell as all the chord functions and all that basic sorta stuffs.

I'm looking for anyone who can play an instrument and that would like to make music together just for fun and practice. I'd also like to just have a catalog of music I can use for future games and stuff (of course I'd give credit if I did use it for a game and ask permission first)

As long as you understand very rudimentary music theory I'm down to monkey around (I'm no expert either)

Here's a song I made for a soundtrack to one of my games I'm currently working on:

Opening Theme


Hey, I'm an artist looking to Collab with anyone to help build my portfolio, I'm available to work on art trades, concept art, and character design. If anyone needs a small sketch from, hit me up.



Someone has joined on to do some character art and animation. If you are interested in 2D backgrounds or items, please let me know. Thanks!

Hey, everyone~

I'm an experienced programmer and Unity developer looking to fill out my portfolio (and yours).

I joined Newgrounds back in 2004 with a different account, but I'm using this account for game development.

I'm going to begin working on a small 2D game in my spare time that will be published to Newgrounds.

I like older games, so think Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil for the PS1 meets Rick and Morty humor/art style at a retirement home run by aliens.

I will need someone to draw 2D backgrounds, 2D characters, and do 2D animations.

There won't be any compensation which I'm very sorry about. That said, if any money is to be made, I will be sure to find a way to split it. My goal is to make an awesome game as well as add to my portfolio for job hunting.

If you wish to help or anything, please message me on Newgrounds and we can discuss more.

Here is my current portfolio if you are interested in learning more about me: https://www.greggdev.io/



Hello my fellow people on newgrounds, currently I am trying to gain a larger audience on newgrounds and will do anything to help out others. So if you want a profile picture/icon for some sort of social media account or thumbnail even (although I'm not good at thumbnails) I have a rather bizarre and stupid art style but maybe it has your kind of vibe. All i ask is that you credit me when you use it as your pfp and I want all rights to the image and the ability to use your commission on my account, please and thenk you



I just want to make some things like The Stick Battle Collab,


This is a volunteer work, there is no pay, I’m just a nine year old making animations, I don’t make money.


This is from my co-worker Micro Mana




HEYO! my name is Micro-Mana.

I'm excited for my first month with pixel day 2021. I'm looking for potential sprite makers for the project I'm working on. it is an episodic action adventure animated series, sharing both 2D drawn, and sprite animation. not many projects do this, but I'm willing to craft something along with the idea. and to give context there is indeed a story, along with along sound composition, as well original characters, which brings me to my next subject.

my sprites utilizes 16 bit snes styled designs. because I'm looking for people to recreate the style and assist me with sprite designs, I will be needing to look for potential artists who I believe have the best potential

if you are chosen, just know that I have a client that also is in need of sprite artists for his indie game.


Hey! Our team is searching for artists to produce environmental assets for our story-driven shooter/platformer/survival horror experience. We're looking for artists proficient in a semi-realistic hand-drawn style to help build our world and fulfill our creative vision. More details regarding the game can be obtained through contacting me directly.

If you're interested in working with us, message me on Discord! My username is zeigler#0875.



I'm VideoToaster, and I'm working on a video game.

I know this may be considered "cringe", but it's basically just a Deltarune fangame.

The engine is GMS2. If anyone can help out (with spritesheets and stuff), it'd be great. I'm not too artistically inclined.

At the current time, I can't afford to pay anyone. If you're not OK with that, I understand.



So my name is TrackPack, known on Discord and YT as SanSung. The music I make takes inspiration from The Caretaker who is an artist who blew up recently, and I dabble mostly in Dark Ambient and Drone. I can do a lot in these genres and if someone is up to collab just dm me on my NG account or on my Discord at SanSung#3313. Safe days and may you stay healthy


Three things I wanna do

  • write music for your games and movies
  • remix your tracks and vice versa
  • do dank meme $#!7

If you write lyrics and want them put to music, down to clown

If you're a better singer than me and you want beats, hmu

If you wanna do internet metal band $#!7, leggo

Will write lyrics for you

If you got other ideas, change my mind :)

Contact me over PM. I got skype, snap, and fb

Some portfolio shizzle


Hey all!

I'm looking to collaborate with my peers here and build up my portfolio. My demo will be attached below, so please let me know if you think I'd be a good fit for any of your projects. I'm willing to work on whatever, so please feel free to reach out.

ALSO, any critique/feedback/comments are welcome and appreciated!

Have a good one!



Hello! I thought it would be fun to do an Art-Trade with someone who is up to it. The only conditions that there really are:

  1. Be generally good at art
  2. No furries


Here's some examples of my skill level/art style:



Who i am

Just random dude who wants improved his abilities in music. And have some fun

What i make

Basically something with a straight kick (synthwave, techno, house)

You can check my profile (and soundcloud with first works)

Who are you

Idk, someone who is still reading this?


What you make

Something made of sounds

How to contact

DM, friend request, discord

In case you've read everything



i just want to collab with people i dont use watermarks anymore so i can pretty much be in a MAP or a collab so yeah email me at yazthemankid@gmail.com (dont question why my name is that)



im an artist who came to a little idea.

how about making a fake idol?

just draw a cute girl and make music for her.

so maybe if you are a musician who thinks this would be funny, and can make nice sticky Songs.

we could make one!


Long story short, I’m willing to make artwork for anyone who wants or needs some.

It’s my first time doing something like this, so criticism (For both artwork and how to execute things such as this) would be very much appreciated.

If you want to cut to the chase and know on what I’m available for: Anything. From simple drawings and sketches to a few collaborative works.

I’m saying this in advance, but it’s best if we contact each other about what you want me to do via either DM’s or the reply’s. If it’s either for clarification or because what I gave you is not to your satisfaction, please tell me. I’ll do whatever I can.

...I’m sorry for the low quality, by the way:

Please take note: The examples will showcase characters owned by other people, either edited versions of them (Mostly to act as an OC of some sort, some OC’s are not of my ownership) or just added onto the piece. I do not claim ownership to said characters and their concepts, and they belong to their respective owners. They are simply to showcase my abilities.




A group of animation students (including myself) from Sheridan College are producing a short film this upcoming semester, and are looking for musicians and voice actors to collab with!

Our film is called "A Walk in the Dark". It's about a young, overly-imaginative boy journeying through his house in the middle of the night. Here's a snippet of our storyboard animatic and some concept art.


The short is mostly spooky and suspenseful, eventually coming to a heartwarming conclusion. If you're a composer and are interested in collabing with us to score this project, please message me here on NG for more details! If you have a demo reel or portfolio of music, our team would love to check out your stuff!

In addition to music, we are also looking for potential voice actors for our characters.


This is Dad, Leo, and Rex respectively. If you're a voice actor and are interested in collabing with us to bring these boys to life, please message me here on NG for more details! Again, if you have a demo reel or examples of previous work I can pass along to the rest of our team, we would love to hear your stuff!

If email works better, than you can also message me at davidburt1998@gmail.com.




Hi guys, I'm trying out this art thing and I'm just wondering if anyone would be interested in my skills. If anyone needs a drawing I will be interested in drawing whatever you guys want with some exceptions. Just want to get a bit of experience and stuff like that.


I am an animator looking for stuff to animate like a short film contact me my discord is in my bio


Hi everyone, I want to try make a Future Bass track with someone, for free.

Subscribe , add me as a friend or write me in private messages to discuss the collaboration


In Short: Looking for black Male or black Female VO to voice Alien character for Scripted Parody Podcast

Project Title:

Observing Earth Podcast (Scripted Parody Podcast)

• Project Type:

Animated Web Series

• Compensation:

Non-Paying (The goal is to get the series to eventually generate revenue, which will be used to compensate voice actors and others involved in the project’s production)

• Vocal Genders Needed:

Black Male or Black Female VO

• Audition Due Date:

Deadline: Jan 14th

• Project Summary:

Cisco the alien reports on the recent events that rocked the Earth in his podcast “Observing Earth”. The podcast itself is a satire of general pop culture and parodies similar shows/podcasts that mean to provide information on current events.

• Audition Material:

Character: Cisco The Alien

Gender: Male

Voice: Open to your own interpretation based on the script and the character’s appearance

- Directions:

Looking for a black male or female voice actor to voice the main character Cisco, a young male alien. I am open to a variety of interpretations when it comes to how the character should sound. I am not necessarily looking for someone to do a “black” voice, however, some of the jokes would be better suited for the performance of a black VA.

• Proof of Concept:

Here is the pilot for the web-series. In this version, the main character is called “Joe”, his name has now been changed to “Cisco”.

Pilot Episode

Here the character was voiced by myself, my interpretation could be used as an inspiration for your own audition. However, I'm not that good at voice acting so you may not want to fully rely on my impression.


- Must have decent home recording setup with no background noise



Hey! I am a guy who loves doing music collabs! If you wanna collab with me, send me a message/friend request and we'll discuss everything.

This is all completely for free so yay!


Hello everyone! My name is HaruLuna (NSFW only) and I'm also HarukaNami (SFW only)! I am a N/SFW voice actress ready to get started by collaborating with a fellow N/SFW VA or N/SFW creator!

DMs on newgrounds is fine or you can use other contacts from my resume sheet:


Look forward working with you!


well i need an animator and a artsist and some voice actors for a fnaf game im planning to release by the end of the month


Hello there!

You are creative? You have tons of ideas for NSFW games? You have experience with writing short stories? You are sick of writing stuff all the time but with almost no audience and income from it and you want to finally make money with your work? PM us!




I'm aiming to make a webcomic series! I really need help tho cuz... quite frankly, I'm terrible at everything-

I'm hoping to maybe someday make an animated version, but for now we're gonna stick with a webcomic ^w^

Progress is a bit slow right now due to IRL issues... but! I'm doing the best I can!

Here's the premise of the series:

The world has been taken over by creatures dubbed "the Soulless" due to their ability to devour souls. Where they've come from is unknown, but they seek only to wipe us out. We hide together in the wastes to try and find a way to survive this horrible war.
3 Reapers control this swarm, each holding unbelievable power. To this day, not one has been taken down..
But there is hope. Advances have been made. And people with supernatural abilities have been found!

We do mostly everything in our Discord! Here's the link: https://discord.gg/7YT8F66mhr

We hope you can help us!


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