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The following text is a reference model for anyone interested in commissioning soundtracks for their video game project. For individual track licensing, please visit this page.

You may contact me via PM directly through Newgrounds, or email. Facebook, Soundcloud, or Twitter direct messages will be ignored.

Email: forgottendawnofficial@gmail.com

I speak fluent Italian and English. Google translate or poorly worded inquiries will also be ignored.

Expect a response within 48 hours.

Payment rates

Music for videos (films, installations, and animations) - Currently unavailable. You may check my Audiojungle for stock tracks.

Single video game tracks (up to 3) - 50 USD per track

Whole video game soundtrack - 35~45 USD per minute*

*Applied to the actual in-game source files (in most cases, loops), not the arranged versions for any eventual soundtrack album derived from the source. Calculated time is cumulative.

Furthermore, specific requests derived from preexisting published works do constitute commissioned work. For instance, asking me to loop a certain region from any of my own tracks—granted there's no looped version already available, even if the source material is free, will be treated as a single commission.


Please, don't ask me to compose music for your awesome project—whatever it may be—for free. If you don't like or disagree my rates, you're welcome to knock on someone else's door; no one's forcing you to hire me. I already provide most of my output for free at the sole cost of attribution. You're welcome to keep your "exposure" any other day of the week.

Payment method

Upfront, through Paypal. I will provide my address privately.

All payments are final. Guaranteed refunding only if I'm unable to finish the task for whatever reason, in which case I shall do my best to communicate it.

Further notes

I reserve the right to terminate my services at any given moment if:

- Client is unresponsive. Maximum delay tolerance: 7 days.

- Client refuses to pay out.

- Client fails to provide enough briefing details.

- Client bails out of the contract without prior notice, i.e. drops the project entirely.

Deadlines can be discussed, though no deadlines are preferable.

I won't compose sound effects for your game ex novo.

I reserve the right to publish the final work through my pages and retain full copyright and management rights post-release. Eventual release prices and royalties will be discussed and agreed together.


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