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Hello! My name is Ratin, and Im creating a webseries for newgrounds and youtube, the thing is, that I need some help with the Voice Acting and Music.

The webseries is originally in spanish, but Im planning on doing the dubbing on English.

By the side of the music im looking Rock Punk Stylish and some tunes with synthesizers and electronic.

Here Some information About the Webtoon:

Furpals, is a series about 4 pals (a rabbit, dingo, crockoach and a lizard) with crazy adventures that brakes the routine of a normal day.

Characters: Lynx, is a rabbit, he has a dark sense of humor, its optimistic, and gets mad easily with his roommate, Mike the Dingo beacause of his bad temeperament. He sometimes gets a little carried away with the craziness of the adventures. He is kind of the leader of the Group and the most intelligent to resolve problems faster.

Will, its a mutant crockoac beacause of a nuclear accident. He is pretty narcisistic, and the most stupid of the group. He fights a lot with, Julio the Lizard, beacause of his stupidity. He`s best friend is Lynx, In fact, they are friends since the kindergarten.

Julio, is a lizard, he is the most mature of the group, and intelligent, he is pretty calm, unless, some one bothers him like Will.
It`s has a pretty nice agility with his tail. He hates all of his roommates

Mike the dingo, Its the most childish of all. He has a mental age of 5, likes peanut butter and glowing/outstanding things. He hates Bathing. He has a lots of common interests with Will.

Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad english.

If you`re interested, you can send me your music and audios by:

Instagram: ratingarabatoss

Twitter: @RGarabatos

Discord: RatinUwU

(btw Lynx is taken, Im doing the voice acting xD)

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