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AlAlmonds AlAlmonds artist / artist / artist / artist / artist Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I've recently decided to revive an old studio of mine and I am planning on recruiting some people who might be interested.
Understand that this is during its early days so your contribution would be official as far as proper credit is concerned but its all volunteer work as far as payment is concerned (even though i wish i could pay people its just not possible right now). The potential for proper payment will grow once and if we see some roll in but come into this knowing that at best this a opportunity to get your portfolio up and work on some cool projects with a small start up!

Now despite that being said I am looking for people who plan to stick with us long term! Currently there is a game being planned and some animations in the works! So anyone of all skills is encouraged to join in! (writers, animators, 2D/3D artists and artists of all types, voice actors +more!)

Of course there will be somewhat of a long vetting process. I need to know if you are fit for the project and the atmosphere we plan on encompassing. As well as if your skills meet a certain standard. Which isn't the biggest issue if you plan to grow with us!
Please also consider your own availability! If you can't devote somewhere to 1/4 to 2/4 of your time to our projects and if its hard to reach you when we need you then this might not be for you. I certainly don't expect you to give me blood and sweet and all of your time, Most people on the project are likely to be part time with other stuff going on in their lives. All this can be discussed later. but we are very schedule flexible.

IF you are interested then please PM! :)
Also PM if you have any questions, if i like you enough i'll add you on discord and we'll see from there!

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