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trashyvoid trashyvoid artist / artist / artist / artist Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, writers

I am a character designer, concept artist, pixel artist/animator, and comic artist. I'm comfortable with 2d illustrations, pixel sprites, illustrated sprites (the sort you see in visual novels), sketching, storyboarding/animatics and refined work.

I have experience in working with teams and creating game assets. I can work in multiple art styles, including cartoon, semi-realism and anime/manga. I'm also open for trying out new styles and I can learn pretty quick.

I do paid freelance work, however if there is a SMALL project you need help with I'd gladly do it for free! This means small pixel assets or sketched busts, though.

I'm very passionate about good storytelling, and I believe that a story shouldn't be confined to one medium.

I am also available to do NSFW content, though you yourself (and team members if applicable) must be 18+. There are things that I will NOT do (incest, noncon, underage, and some other things that would just be best to ask me about). If you're looking for THAT kind of NSFW content, please look elsewhere.

Contact me either here or by email @

Commission information: (now currently 40% off until January 1st 2019)

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