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Hey. My name is Adam Abrams , and I'm a music producer. I mainly focus in lo-fi and alternative hip-hop and I would like to form a music group with you beautiful-minded people. I'm a big fan of OFWGKTA , and draw a lot of inspiration from them , and I believe with our combined efforts we could surpass them. I'm looking for producers , rappers , artist in general , etc. If your interested PM , and I'd love to get to know you and see what we could do. This could be the group that changes our lives for better , but we'll never know unless we try , right? Below's my music stuff:

a little experiment i did on bandcamp:
my account on bootleg soundcloud:

I understand that we may not be that great NOW , but together we can evolve our sound into something so unique and so quality that the internet won't know what hit it. I think that nothing should be censored , and no topic is too dark as long as your being honest to your core. I love making music , I love rapping , I love creating stuff. I would love to take this journey with y'all to being the musical superstars I know we can be. Thank you for reading and if your interested PM me! or email me @ - I love y'all and if you have the slightest interest don't be afraid to hmu , this could be the life-altering group you were looking for!

godspeed ,
adam the god

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