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2SpicyNoodles 2SpicyNoodles musician / musician / musician / musician Message looking for artists, programmers, voice actors, writers

Hello there.
Musician here looking to work with you on whatever you need me for.

Hey my name is Spicy_Noodles i'm a 17 year old student who has a great interest and talent in music.
I am very driven in working on whatever project you need me for as long it has something to do with music.
I am very skilled at both playing instruments and writing/composing music.
I play several instruments such as bass guitar, electric guitar, piano, ocarina, etc...
And many more to come.

Looking forward to hearing from you and possibly working with you.

Feel free to cantact me anytime.
Discord: Spicy_Noodles#9181
Skype: brecht.smets

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