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I'm the creator and director for a show named Worst Friends and we're looking for writers/screenwriters! The show is about a girl who thinks she can take on everyone's problems and fix them. But some problems just aren't fixable and in some cases, so are the people causing them. The show has to do with dissociative disorder, depression, repression, etc. So you must be OK with getting dark. If you'd like to work on the show you need to be at least 18 years or older, know how to work Discord and be on often, as it is the main way the team communicates, and know how to write well/write stories! If you're interested you can get in touch with me by emailing me at Ortiz406150@Gmail.com, adding me on Discord at DannTasma#8660, or messaging me on Instagram @DannTasma. This description is very brief but if you're interested in wanting to know more you're more than welcome to get in contact with me!iu_195690_5108271.jpgiu_195689_5108271.jpg