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I am new here so I don't know much about Newgrounds. I came across these postings tho and I am beyond myself.
I am a artist who needs more skills but I don't do so well without having a task to practice... it would be nice to find someone to help me and to work with me to better my skills.

Things to know about me:
- I am mostly looking for (but not a must) someone who is some where in the middle (drawing and graphics design and other art forms knowledge)as I feel that I am bellow that line and would like to grow along side with someone but have someone still skilled enough to help me
-I have a hard time sometimes to keep going on something, so Ill need someone to help give me that extra push when I need it and to be understanding.
-I have worked in Gimp and and starting to work in Photoshop and am looking to understand everything there a little more
-I am pretty good on paper but copying my idea on the computer is often a challenge and keeping the quality of the art is even more so and I am hardly ever happy with the outcome

In return I am willing to help you out with reasonable requests. Please just ask and I will answer.

Please send me a message if you are willing to help me out or would like to understand more as to where I want to go and if they line up with yourself.

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