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Hello everyone. name is Bold King Cole part of LuckoDaStars.

I am working on a Christmas cartoon called: Christmas with the Stars

it is a passion project currently being made with my team from Newgrounds and I am looking for a few guest animators who might be able to assist with the animation. i need 3 guest animators and guest characters for particular scenes and characters. I am taking a page from Brewster's: The Gold Men https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/719534 as the inspiration of this cartoon.

The cartoon will be rated E - T

Each animator will animate the their own character in the cartoon but we also need some who would be able to animate characters outside their own for certain scenes

i need for the project

  • 1-3 animators who can do this in 1-2 month's time (mainly animating their own character and certain ones will be animating particular scene characters, the script have already been set in stone so i cannot change characters but cameos are fine)
  • animator who specialize in darker furry style (evil looking style) (very specific character)
  • Discord and willingness to collab
  • Link to their work on Newgrounds

I am also looking for

  • a voice actor/actress who can sound like Timmy Turner from Fairly OddParents
  • Musician for Christmas music or permission to use their music